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Transferring Money from India to UAE now easy with Orient Exchange!

  • 24/7 Online Booking | Rates Can be Blocked by Paying only 2%.
  • We Provide Payment Gateways services like Convera, Flywire, Paymytution, etc.
  • Video-KYC facility available.

Transfer Money to UAE from India for following Purpose

Why to Choose Orient Exchange for Transferring Money from India to UAE

Exchange Rate

Orient Exchange offers best exchange rate for United Arab Emirates Dirham to Transfer money from India to UAE.

Most Trusted

Orient Exchange is emerging as top trusted brand in International Money transfer from India.

Pay only 2% to block the rate

One can freeze the exchange rate of AED by paying 2% advance amount.


Customers can verify their required documents for money transfer through video to save extra money and time.

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Online Remittance - How It Works

Send Money Abroad from India Online at Guaranteed Lowest Rate & Fastest Transfer Time

Money Transfer from India to UAE

As a customer who is in need to send money to UAE, today you have got numerous ways and methods to send it. You have got banks and forex dealers to have the work done for you. Here you will have a deeper look into every aspect of money transfer to the UAE.

Best way to transfer money from India to UAE

You can send money abroad via a wire transfer and demand draft. Both are effective and efficient ways, but if you have to choose the one you need to know about them. Select the one which suits your need and, it will eventually be the best way for you to send money to UAE.

What is Wire Transfer?

Wire Transfers are an electronic way of transferring payments over a global network operated by hundreds of Indian and international banks. You may use this to send money from your Indian bank account to a bank account outside of India.

Wire transfers are often regarded as a safe and secure method of transmitting money across nations. The time it takes for the transfer to take effect is usually between 1-2 days. And so, it makes an ideal option for emergency transfers.

What is the procedure to Transfer Money to UAE from India?

Transferring funds to any part of the world are made simple with the advancement of technologies. So, what is the procedure to transfer funds to UAE?

Here are the simple steps for easy money transfer

  • First, you need to find an ideal forex service provider like Orient Exchange whom you can trust with your money.
  • Make sure they are authorized forex dealers to make it trustworthy.
  • Once you have selected it, now lookout for all the services they are to provide you with money transfer. Select the one which suits your need and can save you some money.
  • Now select the sum you need to transfer. And then give the details of the receiver's account and their address so that money reaches them without any delays.
  • Finally, after double-checking everything you can send the money to the desired account.

Advantages of choosing Orient Exchange to Send Money to UAE

You may have numerous forex service providers in your area to send AED but, why should you choose Orient exchange to transfer UAE dirham? You will find it out.

We quote you the best rates available in the market with live tracking of the forex trends so you can save some there. We are transparent, with no hidden changes coming-in in any of our services.

We provide you with various options to transfer money abroad most efficiently and securely.

And at last, we are licensed by RBI and provide you with our online service portal through which you can order your forex product anytime from anywhere. To complete the process, we give you doorstep assistance for the same.

Mandatory documents required to send UAE Dirham

For the beneficiary, you need to produce the

  • Name and his residential address.
  • Details of his bank account including name and address of bank
  • SWIFT code.
  • IBAN

For the sender

  • Government-issued Identity cards like Aadhar cards or license.
  • PAN card.
  • Proof for the purpose you are sending the money abroad. It can be educational, medical, or any other purpose.
  • Relationship proof with beneficiary.

What are the charges involved while transferring money to UAE?

Sending money abroad can attract some service charges like the

Remitting bank charges

which your bank will debit from your account.

Intermediary bank charges

It’s charged by the intermediary bank which performs the fund transfer. It may be either paid by you or the receiver or by both. It may be around 55 AED.

Receiving bank charges

It varies from bank to bank. It depends on the relation that beneficiary has with his banker.

6 Easy Steps to Send Money to UAE from India

Frequently Asked Questions

Since it’s an electronic mode of transfer, it will be reflected in hours if you had provided the accurate details and if your service provider is a pro player in the forex market. The maximum it will take will be around 1-3 working days.

It will vary according to the banker your beneficiary is dealing with. So, beneficiary should check with its banker and get it waived.

Orient Exchange is an RBI Authorized Dealer and it is one of the most reputable financial institution.

We encrypted every customer’s personal and financial information.

The fees involved in transferring money from India to UAE can vary depending on the transfer methods. Orient Exchange offers best exchange rate and reasonable transfer fee to send money to UAE.

If you encounter any issues or delays with your money transfer from India to UAE, you should contact our customer support team for assistance. Be prepared to provide your transfer details and any relevant documentation or information.

Please Reach Us-Call Us on 080-46003700/Mail Us at [email protected]

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