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Southeast Asian archipelago nation the Philippines is made up of 7641 islands in total. The Philippines is a developing market and a recently industrialized country whose economy is shifting from being concentrated on agriculture to being centered on services and manufacturing, which could have unthinkable consequences in the future. The nation's official currency is the Peso (PHP). 100 centavos make up the subdivision. The Philippine peso is represented by the sign and PHP is an acronym for money. In the Philippines, there are currently notes in circulation for 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 pesos.

Given the abundance of islands, attractive beaches, and delectable fruits that entice visitors to the area, it is a very beautiful place to visit. Medical universities draw the majority of Indian students. Visitors may be able to exchange their local money for Philippine currency, which is issued by the Philippine national bank

The Cost of living in the Philippines is 48% more than compared in India. Money exchangers, particularly Orient Exchange, play a crucial role in offering the live currency rate and showcasing their ability as a market leader with the best exchange rate in Philippine Pesos. People who fly often can benefit from our best rate.

Philippines currency in India

India uses a floating exchange rate system, which allows the currency to rise or fall in value in the competitive international market. Various market rates are offered by numerous money changers for the buying and selling of currencies depending on their comfort. Some of them lay hidden fees for buying currency which is not known by us most of the time. Customers may quickly select the best option by comparing live rates on their internet platform.

Why choose orient exchange for exchanging INR to Philippines currency?

Only money exchangers in India with a license from the RBI can legally operate in foreign exchange market and determine the appropriate exchange rate for a certain currency. We are one of the licensed AD-II dealers operating under FEMA rules governing money exchange and outward remittance. Purchase Philippines currency in exchange of Indian rupees at the best rate based on prevailing interbank rates. When you google it on the news outlet, you can see the same or nearest value. We established cordial ties with the banks in the Philippines so that we could exchange money without any issues. We guarantee to provide you with the best deal you've ever discovered. We also promise that the money you traded will be 100 percent secure because we used SSL encryption to safeguard your sensitive information. It is now quite easy to exchange PHP to INR and vice versa. All of our clients are technologically savvy enough to have transitioned to conducting business online, and we owe a debt of gratitude to our committed employees for always being there for them. To provide you with a flawless experience, our online platform makes use of cutting-edge technology.

Best rate for the Philippines peso

Finding an exchange house in the Philippines is never preferable to exchanging Philippine money. It is more important to purchase the Philippines currency in India itself. Avoid last-minute difficulty by making your purchases at airports, where they offer at the highest rates possible, causing you to lose your money and become physically and mentally exhausted. You can exchange INR to Philippine currency through our website from major cities of India because of the large number of Orient branches that are available across the country. To simply take advantage of the better rates for currency exchange, we frequently advise and encourage our customers to keep an eye on daily updates of the exchange market.

Best place to exchange PHP for INR

Are you in India and want to exchange your Philippine peso for INR? You can utilize our online platform or branch, one that is closest to you. Simply enter your information online, choose the currency you want to trade in, and when and how you'll complete your transaction. Your leftover money can be converted from Philippine currency to INR within a short period.

Needed documents for exchanging money

The Reserve Bank of India has established several restrictions on overseas money transfers. All residents are permitted to utilize foreign currency upto USD 250,000 every financial year under the RBI's Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS). A single foreign exchange transaction or several separate transactions added together during a financial year should not exceed the $250000 limit.

By submitting the proper KYC documentation, one may purchase foreign money from any authorized agent. The most prominent of these documents are:

  • A2 Form
  • Passport
  • Pan Card
  • Visa
  • Air Ticket

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