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Where can I exchange INR to AED currency at best rates?

If you are on the look to exchange INR to AED or Dirham then you need to find the best foreign currency exchange rate provider in the market. Luckily you have stumbled upon a money changer near you who continues to have a strong relationship with UAE. Orient Exchange is renowned in the market as a leading importer and exporter of foreign currencies. We are recognized by RBI as an authorised dealer category II to lend a hand in all things related to foreign currency exchange, Forex cards and wire transfer services.

More on Dubai Dirham

Commonly referred to as Emirati Dirham, AED has a spectacular legacy that has survived from the days of the Ottoman Empire. Introduced in the year of 1973, it continues to be one of the most respected currencies throughout the world. Needless to say, the power of Arabian countries, owing to their rich oil wealth, they do enjoy countless benefits in the international market. Nations keep a close relationship with such countries to ensure that the fuel pricing and cash flow is not affected in the future, which could cause unimaginable ramifications in the future.

AED to INR – Live and Best Rates

If you travelling to Emirates for leisure or business, AED is obviously the natural choice. Buy AED to avoid hassles of exchanging in unknown country and enjoy your trip. AED as a currency is widely accepted and can be exchanged for conversion rates with minimal or virtually negligible loss. Once back from your trip, conversion of AED to INR is not all an issue and can be easily done at Orient Exchange counters or website.

Every business has a unique business model, based on which the whole success and legacy rely upon. Such a model for Orient Exchange has been well devised to keep the concurrent cash flow to sustain the long term business and to provide the customers with the best rates in the market, taking into consideration that the long-term customers are the ones who bring in new customers through the most powerful ad – word of mouth.

Make sure to check here to figure out the daily changes in the Dirham to INR Rates.

Where to Buy AED Currency on online in India?

We go further lengths to provide you the latest & updated live rates. You can follow the trends and stay updated through our online platform, which employs sophisticated tech to deliver a seamless experience for your benefit. When it comes to ease of use, and hassle free navigation, it is always better to improve by increments so that when you take a look at it holistically there’s tremendous change in the overall feel of it that adds oodles to your experience with us.

The pan-India presence makes it easy for us to cater to our customers in a more direct and swift manner, but all is well as our modern customers have moved onto the online platform and are in the transition to make online transaction in a thorough manner, thanks to the thought-out efforts of our experienced staff who hand hold the transactions to completion, ensuring ease and safety.

How to get AED forex card at best rate in India?

All you need to get AED forex card is to book at online at our portal. You need to provide us with the basic necessary information (FEMA compliance) so that we can process your request as fast as possible. We will be able to give inr to dirhams or in the form of a dirham travel card so that you can use it as per the requirement.

It is better to go with a hassle-free option, leave the legalities to us and we’ll retain the confidential information and keep you informed of the intricacies of the transactions. Apart from foreign currencies, Forex cards and wire transfer are our most requested services and people flock regularly to make use of them.

Make sure to go with a recognized and established organization like Orient Exchange for your foreign currency needs.

How to Book Currency/Card in 6 easy steps

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