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Buy Forex Card at Interbank Rate with Zero Markup fee

  • Get Forex Card online at Zero exchange Margin
  • Multicurrency Travel Card at Interbank rate
  • Globally accepted
  • Zero Issuance Charges
  • Swiping is free across all POS
  • Free Insurance cover


  • Exchange fee on card
  • Card issuance charges
  • Reloading charges


  • Exchange fee on card
  • Card issuance charges
  • Reloading charges

Buy Forex Card for the Following Purpose

Orient Exchange Forex Card Features

Prepiad Forex Card at Interbank rate with Zero Markup fee

In prepaid Forex Card you can avoid paying 2% to 5% transaction fee that is charged when you use International debit/credit card . Since the card comes loaded with forex at a fixed rate, you're not exposed to fluctuations in exchange rates.

Globally Accepted

Forex Card provided by Orient Exchange is globally accepted and you can swipe the card for free on all the merchant outlet without worrying about the charges. If required you can withdraw forex from the ATM in abroad with minimal charges.

Cost effective Forex Card

With Orient Exchange Forex Card you can save money upto 5% on debit and credit cards charges for cross currency but where as in Multicurrency Forex card you will not be charged for cross currency markup as long as the card is swiped for the destination currency.

Reload the forex card with zero charges

We provide reload option for Forex Card with zero charges, you can reload the card remotely with zero charges at Interbank rate.

Multi currency Forex Card

If you are travelling to multiple country and worried about carrying the currencies, Forex Card comes to rescue. You can load up to 14 different currencies in Multi currency Forex card without worrying about the rate fluctuations.

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Get Forex Card at Interbank rate with Zero Markup

Travelers often carry significant amounts of Foreign Currency in Cash. Carrying around a large sum of money can be quiet the challenge, given the constant worry of misplacing or losing it. However, using a smart Forex card, you can easily avoid all this hassle while travelling. It functions roughly like a debit card. You can also use your Multi Currency Forex Card to make an ATM cash withdrawal in abroad.

Orient Exchange offers the best forex cards available in the market. We offer Forex Card at Interbank rate with Zero Mark up fees. Forex Cards are much more economical option compared to International debit/credit card where the charges varies from 3% to 5%, but in Forex Card they do not incur any forex Markup fees, Charges or Rate fluctuations. There is absolutely no charges when travel cards are swiped at POS terminal abroad. ATM withdrawal charges applies in both credit card or forex card.

What is Forex Card?

A Forex Card, also known as a prepaid forex card, lets you load foreign currency for your International trip. You can load multiple currencies onto one card and use it to make payments or withdraw cash from ATMs abroad, or swipe it at point of sale terminals. Its like having your own personalized travel wallet with different currencies making international transaction hassle free while travelling. Ensuring you have easy access to funds in abroad.

What are the types of Forex Cards available?

Forex Cards can be broadly divided into two types as follows:

Single Currency Card

In this card you can load one currency. If you are travelling to one country, you can buy this card and it can be used across the globe without any cross currency charges.

Multi Currency Card

As the name suggests you can load multiple currency in this card. Multi currency Forex Card work like a debit card with zero markup fee and they are globally accepted. There is no swiping charges, you can reload the forex card at Interbank rate with more than 9 currencies and zero loading charges. A multi-currency forex card is necessary if you intend to travel abroad and visit multiple nations that use different currencies.

How do Forex Cards work?

Orient Forex Card operates like credit or debit cards, with minor differences. To get a forex card, you must make an application cum declaration along with your passport, tickets, visa and PAN card. Once the application is accepted, you can avail of the forex card. To load the forex card with the necessary funds and currencies, you can use our website's reload section and pay the required amount in Indian rupees. You can now visit any nation with the supported currency without any cash in hand.

Swipe your foreign currency card at the POS terminal when purchasing something while travelling. You will receive an SMS and email notification of your purchase and the amount, just as with any debit or credit card transaction.

Forex Card vs Debit or Credit Cards

Forex Cards may sound like an alternative to a Debit or Credit card while travelling to a foreign country. But there are some major differences that you need to be aware of.

You may use any card to purchase or withdraw money from an ATM while travelling abroad. In addition, you may utilize funds from your bank account anywhere on the globe, using your debit or credit cards. These cards often have a certain limit and are connected to your savings account.

However, using debit and credit cards to get foreign currency from ATM's in overseas is highly expensive. In addition, you are responsible for the attached interest, foreign currency transaction, and withdrawal fees.

Forex Card on the other hand are preloaded with Foreign Currency at Interbank rate and there is ZERO markup fee on the foreign transaction. As the card is not associated with any bank account you will not be charged any amount from the bank end. However when you withdraw amount from ATM there will be a minimal withdrawal charges applicable

Best Forex Card for Students

Orient Exchange provides the best Forex Card for students at Interbank rate which are loaded with multiple security features and other smart features. This multi currency cards allows you to load single or more than one currency on the same card with zero issuance charges. These cards are globally accepted and available in 14 major currencies, you can swipe this forex card at shopping centre or any other outlet with zero swiping charges. Orient Exchange’s Multicurrency travel card is the Best Forex Card for students studying overseas, compare the rate online before buying Forex Cards.

Buy Multicurrency Forex Card

At Orient Exchange we deeply focus on the customers financial safety while travelling overseas. We provide the most secure and easy way to carry foreign currency on a Forex Card with chip and pin technology which protects your card from potential frauds.

We bring forth different features of Multi currency forex card like Thomas cook Visa card you can load 9 major currencies and Master card loaded with 10 major currencies with 5 years of validity period. Along with Thomas cook we provide Indusind Forex Card can be loaded with 14 major currencies with 3 years of validity period, Get Forex Card online at Zero Exchange margin.

Eligibility criteria for getting travel card or forex card:

  • An Indian resident
  • Must be over 12 years age
  • Possesses valid documents like, Passport and PAN.

To get a forex card, you would be required to submit the documents depending on the purpose of the travel.

In a nutshell

If you're a frequent traveler, you'll find that using Orient Exchange forex card in abroad is a convenient way to avoid carrying a lot of cash. It is something to consider if you spend a lot of time outside the country. Students travelling abroad can benefit from buying forex cards at Interbank rates. In addition, you can also order it online and specify your desired currency to us as per your requirement. Among all the Forex Card available in the market Orient Exchange provides the best rate with Zero issuance charges, Zero Markup fee and Zero loading fees.

How to Book Currency/Card in 6 easy steps

Frequently Asked Questions

Forex cards are either Master or Visa and designed to be used abroad only other than Nepal and Bhutan. It can be swiped at merchant outlet for free, Cash withdrawal can be done in the ATMs and Online purchase can be made with the card while abroad.


In India, card balance can be checked in the ATMs of the card issuer, but the balance will be shown in USD. In abroad, balance can be checked in the ATM's, but it is chargeable. Best way to check balance is by logging on to card portal.

Yes, multiple currencies can be loaded at a time or different vacations.

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