*On 22.01.22 our Delhi branch is closed due to weekend curfew. *We process Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions Transactions. **We are not dealing with any coins & Business/ Personal loans or we don't have any subsidiaries companies dealing these products, Beware of frauds.
*On 22.01.22 our Delhi branch is closed due to weekend curfew. *We process Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions Transactions. **We are not dealing with any coins & Business/ Personal loans or we don't have any subsidiaries companies dealing these products, Beware of frauds.
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Best Indian Rupees To Australian Dollars (INR to AUD) Exchange Rate

Australian Dollar (AUD) is the legal tender of Australia. Apart from Australia, AUD is used as a currency in the territories of Norfolk Island, Cocos Island and Christmas Island. Also, the 3 independent states of Pacific Island i.e. Tuvalu, Nauru and Kiribati use AUD as their official currency. You can use AUD as cash or currency notes, through forex cards and travellers cheque. On 14th February 1966, AUD was first introduced. Till 1975 and 1977, AUD was the legal tender of Papua New Guinea and Soloman Islands respectively.

Searching for best currency exchange rate for INR to AUD conversion? If yes, then you have landed on the right page.

At Orient Exchange, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We make all efforts to offer our esteemed clients best in class foreign exchange related services along with optimized exchange rate on INR to AUD conversion. We have entered into strategic partnerships with leading banks and financial institutions across India and globe to pass on the benefits of best exchange rates to our customers. As Reserve Bank of India approved foreign currency dealer-II license holder, we engage in importing and exporting of foreign currencies like AUD. This facilitates us to provide Forex cards and currency exchange at rates which are lower than what banks across India provides. Since our inception in 1923, we have set many benchmarks in currency remittance industry with our customer centric services. Transactions undertaken through us are completely safe.

How Can I Avail of The Best Exchange Rate While Converting INR To AUD?

At Orient Exchange, we take all hassles out of the process of INR to AUD currency exchange. You need not visit any bank branch to verify the prevailing exchange rates for sealing the best deal. Also, you are not required to visit different money changers asking for best rates. At our office, you will always get the lowest rate without having to spend significant time and energy.

We have implemented procedures which make it easy and efficient for you to enquire about INR to AUD rates and place your order. You can also order pre-loaded forex cards which will be delivered directly to your doorsteps. Our doorstep service can be called or book online from your home or office and for delivering the AUD currency or card. We are always coming up with customized services that are aligned to the needs of our customers for offering you a streamlined service experience.

You can call us during the office hours to get all your currency exchange, forex card and remittance related queries resolved. Our team would offer instant, comprehensive and decisive solutions to your problems over the phone. You may also navigate through our user-friendly website and explore the various aspects of our service. All needful help for completing the foreign exchange conversion process is available on our site.

After landing on our site, you need to log in your customer account by clicking on dropdown menu on right corner after selecting your location. Check the live rates and select your currency (INR to AUD). Enter the amount which you want to get exchanged. If you want to purchase forex card, select AUD from the currency dropdown and enter the forex quantity. An amount equivalent to Indian Rupees would be displayed. You may book the card now by clicking on the button. You can rest assured that you will always get the lowest exchange rate on our site which will ensure you of optimum returns which are more than what banks or financial institutions would provide.

Documents Needed For Currency Exchange

Orient Exchange respects the statutes laid down by RBI and FEMA. To complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) formalities, we would seek few documents from you. This is in conformance to the norms set out by RBI.

Documents needed are:

Valid Indian Passport

PAN Card

Air Travel Tickets


Exchange Value of INR To AUD

If you would visit other money changers sites, you will only get to know the base rate corresponding to the currency exchange rate applicable for that particular day. This is not the actual exchange value. The rate which you would be charged by them would be comparatively higher. This is because the money changer would keep a high margin to offset any risk of loss which can occur due to fluctuation of rates in forex market. Also, if you are planning to get your currency converted at the airport, you are in for a significant loss. The airport currency exchanger machines would charge you extra 10% over the actual exchange value. You can shield yourself from such scorching rates and unreasonable exchange values by posing your trust on Orient Exchange.

We are buyers and sellers of AUD. Hence, we display only authentic live market rates on our site. You can transact in AUD at any of our branches across India at rates which are displayed on our site. You may convince yourself of the best rates available with us by comparing the same with charges applied by other banks or financial institutions.

On our site, you can view the INR to AUD exchange rate live. The counters are updated at every 5 seconds. Fluctuations in rates occur if the demand supply trade ratio is tilted in any direction and if any charges are levied by interbank foreign exchange.

You can avail of the best exchange rate for INR to AUD conversion. You can use our services for:

Buying AUD by paying in Indian Rupees and getting AUD in exchange

Selling AUD for getting INR in exchange

Remitting AUD to any part of Australia or world

At Orient Exchange, You Can Shop For:

Forex cards loaded with AUD of desired value

Cash currency notes

International Wire Transfer

Travel Insurance

Demand Drafts

Secure The Best Exchange Rate for INR to AUD in India

Orient Exchange is your one stop destination for getting INR converted to AUD at best rates across India. Our impeccable customer support and attention to details has brought us widespread popularity as the premiere money changer. We have also been conferred with excellency awards for our streamlined services.

We always leverage the potential of contemporary and state of the art technological advancements to make life easier for our customers. We never try to dupe gullible customers with hidden charges. This set us apart from other financial service providers. Orient Exchange has been servicing Middle East Region for about a century now. We have tried to bring the best in class services to our Indian customers also. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient money changer, reach out to us at Orient Exchange. You will never experience any problem with our service. Our customer support team will ensure that your INR to AUD exchange process is as seamless as possible.

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