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Buy Currency for the following purpose

Private visit or leisure Business visit Education Employment Emigration Medical treatment

Private Visit/Leisure

Business Visit




Medical Treatment

Private Visit/Leisure

Foreign Exchange can be availed by Indian Residents travelling abroad for a private visit to any other country other than Nepal and Bhutan.

Business Visit

Foreign Exchange can be released to Employees travelling abroad under Business Visit with the required documents.


Students who want to pursue overseas education can avail of Remittance and Foreign Exchange services before travelling, post travel parents can support.


Indian Residents travelling abroad for the very first time under employment visa can buy Foreign Exchange.


Foreign Exchange can be released to an Indian Resident who is travelling under the Emigration visa for the first time.

Medical Treatment

One can buy Foreign Exchange to meet the expenses of Medical Treatment outside India based on the estimation.

The Orient Exchange Advantage over Banks & Other Forex Vendors

Best Live Rate in the Market

We assure you the best rate and services when you deal with us through online and offer transparency in the rate 24x7. Our online platform is good as a physical shop for foreign exchange purchase or sales.

Best live rate in the market
Fastest & Best Delivery Service

Place the order online before 1 pm and get same day delivery from Orient Exchange. We provide the fastest service and time bound delivery of currencies at your doorstep. You can track orders on a real-time basis.

Fastest and best delivery service
Stocks Of Destination Currencies

In Orient Exchange we have stocks of Destination Currencies. Many foreign exchanges in the market do not keep stock of Destination Currencies for many reasons, as an RBI authorized category II dealer we import destination currencies as IDR,THB provide the customer at the best rate.

Stock of destination currencies
Easy To Access

Orient Exchange is an RBI authorized Category II Dealer with years of experience. We have physical stores in 22 major cities across India apart from offering services on online platform. We made the online process simple and easy to access.

Easy to access

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Best foreign currency exchange in Surat

Welcome to Orient Exchange, your premier destination for currency exchange services in Surat. With a legacy of excellence spanning years, Orient Exchange has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. Our unparalleled convenience and reliability offer unmatched value to our customers. Whether traveling abroad, conducting international business, or needing to exchange currency, Orient Exchange is here to cater to all your foreign exchange needs with expertise and efficiency.

Best Foreign Exchange Services in Surat

Orient Exchange takes pride in offering the best foreign exchange services in Surat. Our commitment to providing superior service and the best exchange rates has earned us the trust and loyalty of individuals and businesses. With a customer-centric approach, we strive to ensure that every transaction is seamless and satisfactory, making us the preferred choice for foreign currency exchange in Surat.

Our reputation as the premier choice for foreign currency exchange in Surat lies in reliability, transparency, and customer satisfaction. Whether you're exchanging currency for travel, business purposes, or personal needs, we aim to ensure the process is smooth and tailored to meet your needs.

World-class Foreign Currency Exchange Services in Surat

At Orient Exchange, we understand the importance of hassle-free currency exchange, so we offer comprehensive services to meet your needs. Whether you're looking to buy foreign currency or exchange surplus currency, our team of experienced professionals is here to assist you every step of the way.

Our commitment to accessibility and convenience is reflected in our wide variety of currencies. Whether you're seeking major currencies like US dollars, euros, or British pounds or require less commonly traded currencies, our extensive network ensures you have access to the currencies you need.

Top-notch Forex Card Services in Surat

Orient Exchange offers the best Forex card in India for travelers seeking convenience and security. Our Forex cards help make your international travel experience seamless and stress-free. With multiple currencies available on a single card, our Forex cards eliminate the need to carry large sums of cash or traveler's cheques.

Enhanced security features like PIN technology provide peace of mind while traveling, and our customer support ensures assistance is always just a phone call away. With Orient Exchange's Forex cards, you can enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions and worldwide acceptance wherever you travel.

Leading International Money Transfer Services in Surat

Orient Exchange offers a most reliable international money transfer service in Surat. This service is designed to facilitate swift, secure, and cost-effective cross-border transactions. Whether it's sending funds to family abroad, managing overseas expenses or sending money for education purpose, Orient Exchange ensures a seamless experience.

With competitive exchange rates, minimal fees, and a user-friendly process, customers in Surat can enjoy a hassle-free way of transferring money internationally. Orient Exchange's dedication to customer satisfaction and compliance with regulatory standards makes it a trusted partner for your global financial transactions.

Access to International Student Services such as GIC Account, Blocked Account, FTS Account in Surat

In addition to our core currency exchange and money transfer services, Orient Exchange also offers various International student services such as opening and transferring funds to Canadian GIC Account, German Blocked Account and New Zealand FTS Account to cater to your diverse needs.

Orient Exchange has strategically partnered with leading fintech companies and banks, enhancing the process of opening and transferring funds to Canadian GIC account, German Blocked account, and New Zealand FTS account. These collaborations streamlines the financial transactions for Indian students in abroad, ensuring hassle free accounts openings and secure, efficient, and reliable fund transfers to fulfill overseas financial requirements.

Know more about : Blocked Account Partners

How to Book Currency in 6 Easy Steps

Currency Exchange - How It Works

Buy Currencies at Guaranteed Lowest Rate & Fastest Transfer Time

Frequently Asked Questions

Orient Exchange is one of the best places for foreign currency exchange in Surat. With our commitment to providing superior service and the best exchange rates, Orient Exchange has earned the trust of everyone from individuals to businesses. Our experienced professionals are here to ensure a seamless experience for our customers.

The cheapest way to exchange currency in Surat is through Orient Exchange. We offer the best exchange rates and a transparent fee structure, ensuring the most value for your money. Additionally, our streamlined processes minimize unnecessary costs and overheads, allowing us to pass on the savings to our customers.

At Orient Exchange, we believe in transparency and fairness regarding currency exchange fees. Our fees are competitive and communicated to our customers upfront, ensuring no hidden surprises or unexpected charges. The exact cost for currency exchange in Surat may vary depending on the amount of currency exchanged and the specific services requested.

As per the regulations set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Indian residents can carry up to USD 3000 or its equivalent in other currencies per person per trip when traveling abroad for leisure or business purposes. It's advisable to check RBI's latest guidelines and regulations or consult with Orient Exchange for personalized assistance regarding currency limits and regulations when traveling from India.

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