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Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island surrounded by white sandy beaches and lagoons protected by the world’s third-largest coral reef. Information and communication technology, seafood, hospitality, real estate development, healthcare, renewable energy, and education and training have recently developed as significant industries and have drawn significant investment from both domestic and foreign investors. According to the world bank, it has a high-income economy due to its marine wealth. The fourth largest economic contribution to Mauritius is the tourism industry, which is a popular travel destination.

The currency used in Mauritius is the Mauritian rupee and it is sub-divided into 100 cents. Bank notes and coins are in use in the country. The symbol used for Mauritius currency is Rs and the code used is MUR

Despite being an African nation, Mauritius utilizes the rupee as its official currency, which is also used by many Asian nations, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Indonesia. Indian rupees were the source of Mauritius's currency. Indian workers who came to the island to work on sugar cane plantations brought with them a large number of rupees.

Mauritius currency rate in India today

You are in the right place if you wish to exchange Mauritius currency in India. Yes Orient Exchange plays a vital role in the Foreign Exchange platform. Although there are many options to buy rupees, including banks and other money changers as well as airports, they might not be the ideal choice due to the increased costs, convenience, and safety. Orient has more than 20 branches across India either you can visit the branch or place the order online through our website. Without any physical effort on your part, the forex will be delivered to your home.

The best live exchange rate for converting INR to Mauritius currency is provided by Orient Exchange, which analyses market rates globally and compares them to those of other money changers to provide you the best rate possible.

Mauritius currency to Indian rupee- live and best rates

One must exchange their currency at the greatest rate available in their own country before traveling to abroad nation that prevents you from suffering a significant loss of your hard-earned money. When you return from your trip, it is simple to convert whatever spare MUR you have in your possession for INR at Orient Exchange. Our distinctive business strategy allows us to remain competitive in the worldwide market as a top service provider, and we put the needs of our clients first by providing them with easy-to-use services. We frequently track live rates to ensure that we are giving our consumers the most recent information.

The MUR calculator on the Orient’s website assists the user in determining the conversion rate, which is updated often and obtained directly from the interbank market. Additionally, you can set a rate lock so that you can see it on the website and buy the desired currency. You can exchange Mauritius rupees for Indian rupees or vice versa if the prices appeal to you, and the money will be delivered to your doorstep. Along with giving you the ability to make a purchase request online, we also allowed you to complete your reservation by making an online payment.

Low-cost MUR - Orient exchange

The total amount of the transfer must be verified before submitting an international transfer. The bank and most money exchangers would withhold the information from you, according to an untold secret. Self-imposed hidden fees are added on top of the price. However, the answer to this is available at Orient Exchange. You can exchange INR to Mauritian rupees at any of our branches, which are located in virtually every region of India.

Visit the website for Orient Exchange and place your purchase if you are organizing a vacation to Mauritius. Put your trust on us to handle the rest; your journey will be handled by our devoted personnel. The requested currency is offered by Orient within a minute at a cheap cost and live rates thanks to cutting-edge technology. We have merged with a large number of institutions throughout the world, strive for exceptional customer service, have a nationwide presence, and use a variety of new brand technologies to give you the best and most affordable currency exchange service. No additional costs are applied to your account. Convert your currency at a rate that is better than the bank's, based on the value you found when using search engines, forex websites, and business news networks.

Online vendors fall under two categories

  • Market aggregators: These businesses rely on regional suppliers for goods and services. To satisfy their customers' needs, aggregators enlist the assistance of neighborhood merchants or money changers. They frequently charge more than the margin and additionally struggle to maintain their level of quality because they rely on outside vendors.
  • AD-II licensed dealers: Orient Exchange offers you the best rate for MUR as well as for external remittances because it imports and exports foreign currency. The employees have a lot of experience managing the notes because they deal with foreign currency on a daily basis. Due to our authorization by RBI under FEMA regulations, you get the best rate for Foreign Currency.

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