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We do not deal in Coins/personal loan/business loan, neither we have any subsidiary company dealing in such products. ***Be careful of fraudsters.
We do not deal in Coins/personal loan/business loan, neither we have any subsidiary company dealing in such products. ***Be careful of fraudsters.
Our Forex Rates for THB Currency in major cities
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Our Forex Rates for THB Currency in major cities
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Best Thai baht exchange rates in India

If you are planning a trip to Thailand you will be surprised to learn that generally there aren’t quite offerings in the Foreign currency exchange sector for you to change your domestic currency. But, that’s where Orient Exchange plays a key role by showcasing their capability as a market leader with best rates (INR to Thai Baht).

hai Baht has a reputation to be used far beyond Thailand, places like Cambodia and Myanmar don’t hesitate to receive the aforementioned currency. Though it can be learned pretty easily that the Bank of Thailand is the official issuer of Thai Baht (THB), some histories take it back to the 6th century. Thanks to the increasing popularity of tourism, the currency is getting more popular every year – across the globe.

If you are planning to travel to Thailand for a family friendly tour or a business trip – make sure to get your domestic currency converted into THB from an RBI authorised money changer. Foreign currency is regulated by the RBI in India, so it would be prudent of you to go with one who are recognised and are established in the market as a leader with customer-centric service and best rates.

What’s the fascination with Thai Baht?

As mentioned earlier, Thai Baht is a currency with tremendous legacy, but is that the only reason for its familiarity amongst the international market for currency exchanges? No, it extends further to be the 10th most frequently used currency worldwide, making it quite a catch in the international market and raising its value and reach incrementally in a short span of time.

As far as foreign currency goes, THB is renowned for its flexibility and acceptability from multiple nations. If you are to travel abroad to exotic places like Cambodia or Myanmar for a completely immersive travel experience, soaking yourself in new found culture and topical region – you should have a calm composure and ease of mind.

Leave your troubles behind when you travel!

Make your travel experience as smooth as a breeze with the best rates in the market and unbeatable customer service experience. Take your Orient Exchange card and carry at least 30 percentage of THB as cash for immediate necessities (during emergencies, where swiping really isn’t an option).

Why does Orient Exchange provide the best Thai Baht exchange rates?

As an exporter and importer of foreign currency Orient Exchange is well versed in stocking foreign currency for the sole purpose of exchange. It behoves the organisation to sustain long-term relationship with the customers who tend to possess the globe trotter attitude, making travel an integral part of their life.

We see ourselves as an aider in foreign currency exchange, spreading our offerings into exchange, forex cards and most importantly – outward remittance. With our dedicated outward remittance service, we make sure that foreign currency is sent to your loved ones (living or passing through foreign countries) as quick and safely as possible with most assurance.

Why should you pick Orient Exchange?

We prefer to say that foreign currency exchange with us is seamless, effective and efficient than banking – strictly due to our business acumen and tailored offerings with simply the best rates in the market.

Unlike other financial institutions, we don’t choke our customers with hidden charges and incremental transaction charges.

We offer swiping of travel card at POS free of charge, so that you can feel free to use your Orient Exchange Forex Card at retail stores and restaurants at ease when you are abroad a new country.

We prefer to engage better with our customers and sustain them for a long-symbiotic relationship, so that you come back time and again to deal with foreign currency exchange.

Stay updated with live rates

We go further lengths to provide you the latest & updated live rates so that you can make your decision faster, as you must already have an inkling towards the power of timely decisions in the financial sector.

Check today’s Thai Baht currency exchange rate, and get yourself ready for the trip!

We strongly believe that by displaying the true market prices and exchange rates with utmost precision helps in picking the right currency to buy and sell. You must feel free to compare the rates across the market to realise that we truly deliver when we say we provide the best rates in the market of foreign currency exchange.