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Student Services

Studying abroad is a global dream of millions of students. As far as we all understand, education plays a very important role in every person's life today, and sometimes it happens so that studying in a foreign country, rather foreign education, can give you better knowledge, skills and a more respective job.

Unfortunately, not all students who want to study abroad have such opportunities. Moreover, sometimes they don't want or are afraid of obtaining this chance. What can we say? Never miss a chance to study abroad, if you have one! This is your opportunity to get both good education and a great experience.

We, at Orient Exchange, has the following services /products for students to make their campus life smooth abroad.

  1. Remittances: Students may use this service to send application fee, tuition fee and hostel fees to Overseas Universities. Once they have overseas account opened, their parents may remit money to their accounts for maintenance. Sending money abroad for education has been made very simple and cost effective by our tie-ups with multiple banks. (Send Money Abroad...)
  2. Forex Card: Also known as Travel card or Prepaid Card, are the most secured and convenient way to carry foreign exchange abroad. While swiping is absolutely free, we offer cards at below the market price. Reload of forex card can be done by the students during the tenure of their course.(Forex Card...)
  3. Foreign Currency: Travelling to a foreign land with the currency notes of that nation is still one of the most preferred option. Being a leading whole seller in the currency market, we offer the best rates for all currencies. (Foreign Currency...)
  4. Insurance: We have specially designed insurance options at very competitive price for Students through our tie-ups with major Insurance players. (Overseas Travel Insurance...)

Students may avail all the above services from any of our branches or book online.