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Money transfer from India to New Zealand now easy with Orient Exchange!

  • 24/7 Online Booking | Rates Can be Blocked by Paying only 2%.
  • Transfer funds to FTS Account.
  • We Provide Payment Gateways services like Convera, Flywire, Paymytution, etc.
  • Video-KYC facility available.

Send Money to New Zealand From India for Following Purpose

Why to Choose Orient Exchange for Transferring Money from India to New Zealand

Exchange Rate

Orient Exchange offers best exchange rate for NZD to Transfer money from India to New Zealand.

Student Friendly

We have tied up with payment gateways like Convera, Flywire and paymytution to make hassle free fee transfer for students.

Pay only 2% to block the rate

Orient Exchange introduced book now and pay later facility i.e, one can freeze the exchange rate up to 48 hours by paying 2% advance.


To make document verification hassle free, we introduced Video-KYC process, one can complete their KYC process through video call without visiting the branch.

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Online Remittance - How It Works

Send Money Abroad from India Online at Guaranteed Lowest Rate & Fastest Transfer Time

Money transfer from India to New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of diverse communities enclaved within peace and harmony. Out of the total population, one-fifth are from other countries who have come in for a job and educational purposes. So, we can understand the number of foreign transactions happening in and out of New Zealand every day. If you are someone seeking to know how to transfer NZD from India in the cheap and best way, this one will help you.

Modes to Transfer Money to New Zealand from India

To send money abroad, the most commonly used methods are wire transfer and demand drafts. we will break it down so that you can understand how both are being done. In demand draft, the sender approaches his/her forex service provider to give a money draft for the required sum to be transferred. After he receives it, he has to now mail it to the recipient through any mailing service. The receiver has to then take the draft to the nearby bank to collect his funds. This method is cheap but, it requires a lot of time to process. Hence not an option for quick-transfer needs. Secondly, the product may be available with very few select banks.

Wire Transfers are a type of electronic payment that is sent over a worldwide network of hundreds of Indian and international banks. This may be used to transfer funds from an Indian bank account to a bank account outside of India. Wire transfers are frequently viewed as a safe and secure way to send money across borders. It generally takes 1-2 days for the transfer to take effect. As a result, it's an excellent choice for emergency moves.

How to Send Money to New Zealand from India?

The process of sending money is simple. Here you can find all steps related to it.

First, mention the specifics of your transaction, such as the currency, amount, and reason for the payment, and submit the necessary documents enlisted in the portal.

For verification, you will be asked to produce the KYC documents so, keep them ready.

Once documents are verified you transfer the funds, which has to be sent to New Zealand.

Your transfer process is completed. Now, wait for the call from your loved one, who will inform you about the received NZ $.

What are the different purposes under which we can transfer money to New Zealand?

The different purposes for which you can transfer money to New Zealand are listed below.

  1. For university fees and educational needs.
  2. Medical Treatment in New Zealand.
  3. Maintenance of close relatives and loved ones living there.
  4. Emigration.
  5. For employment needs.
  6. Gifting or Donation.
  7. For private vacation trips – payment towards hotel bookings or tour packages.

If you cannot decide on which category your purpose falls in, call the customer care of Orient exchange and, we will guide you.

Documents and details required to send NZ Dollar

To maintain the authenticity of the transfer and its creditability some documents will be asked by your forex partner. It may vary but we have listed out some documents that are mandatory when you send New Zealand dollars.

Beneficiary required documents and details

  • Beneficiary Name and Address.
  • Bank Account Number.
  • Name and address of the Beneficiary bank.
  • SWIFT code.

Sender Document and required details

  • Identification cards issued by the Indian government, such as Aadhar cards, passport, and so on.
  • PAN card.
  • Proof of purpose for university fees, tourism, and other purposes.
  • Relationship proof with beneficiary.

Few steps to process the online wire transfer

One of the coziest privileges you get for choosing Orient Exchange is the availability of our online web portal. You can choose any of our services from it and have the process completed at your place with our people visiting you.

The payment process is very simple - you have to navigate to our web portal, then you have to select the purpose, your location, and beneficiary’s location. Then select the currency you have to transfer and the amount and then click book now. You will be prompted to log in to your page if you are not logged in. once you have booked you will be asked to submit some KYC documents, complete them. And you have completed an overseas transfer order.

Can money be transferred to FTS Account through Orient Exchange?

The Fund Transfer Scheme or the FTS Account is provided by the New Zealand based bank. The FTS provides a safe and secure way for international students to send money to sustain themselves in New Zealand. With Orient exchange, you can transfer the whole amount in a single payment at the best exchange rates at no extra cost. The minimum amount you need to transfer is NZ$ 15000. And it is needed to pay the living costs in New Zealand for a student in a year.

6 Easy Steps to Send Money to New Zealand from India

Frequently Asked Questions

As per the Government guidelines the GST for foreign exchange is, 18% GST will be applied on the forex exchange that comes in the taxable value bracket. GST Slab are
Upto INR 100000 – 0.18%
1 lakh to 10 lakh – 0.09%
Above 10 lakh – 0.018%

Indians can transmit up to $250,000 or its equivalent per person per year to New Zealand under the RBI's LRS policy. You will have to submit the proof of purpose for it to be applied.

Yes, you can transfer money to New Zealand for gift purposes without any worries. Depending on amount, some additional documents like 6 months Bank Statements etc. may be asked for.

The method of creating an FTS account was recommended to speed up the processing of New Zealand student visas by allowing Indian students and students from the other nations on the list quick access to finances to study in New Zealand. Students who intend to study and work in New Zealand must only deposit their living costs into an FTS account, which may be opened at the ANZ bank in the country. This procedure may be completed entirely online. The Indian embassy in New Zealand suggests that Indian students create an FTS account to study in New Zealand in order to fund their living expenses in a simple and straightforward manner after they arrive in New Zealand.

If you face any issues or delays while sending to New Zealand from India, you should contact our customer support team for assistance. Be prepared to provide your transfer details and any relevant documentation or information.

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