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FTS Account in New Zealand

Orient Exchange helps Indian students to send money to New Zealand FTS account at minimum costs. Students can get the best rate compared to banks or other money transfer service providers. The entire amount can be transferred in a single transaction. We also provide door-step KYC verification via our 25+ branches across India. The whole process can be completed in 48 working hours.

What is FTS

FTS full abbreviation is "FUNDS TRANSFER SCHEME".The ANZ bank of NEW ZEALAND offers this FTS payment to students living costs for each year of study. The FTS is a secure way for student from some countries to transfer funds to support themselves in New Zealand. FTS Wire transfer available to students from India, Sri lanka,China & Philippines countries only.

Minimum amount you can transfer for FTS payment

Student need NZ $15,000 to pay your living costs for each year of study. This is the minimum amount you need to transfer to your FTS account. FTS funds are released periodically to students while they are in New Zealand.Living costs do not include student course or tuition fees.

The Purpose of FTS payment

    The FTS is operated by ANZ bank of New Zealand

  • Is one way to show us that student have genuine access to money to support while studying in New Zealand
  • Helps student to transfer funds securely to New Zealand and then withdraw a set amount each month to maintain comfortably while you are in New Zealand.

How to send Money to a FTS account New Zealand from India?

  • Enter the amount of International Money transfer to your FTS account and click on Get Rates in page
  • Place your order by entering your contact details. You can upload the required KYC documents.
  • Once the KYC is verified, you can transfer the funds directly to the orient exchange account via NEFT/RTGS/Cheque transfer whichever way instructed by us.
  • Once payment received , money will now be wired. Your FTS account will receive the credit within said time.

Documents required for sending FTS payment

  • Student Indian passport
  • University Offer letter
  • FTS payment details (Fees structure)
  • Remitter any government approved ID & address proof
  • Remitter PAN card
  • Note : The Remitter can be the student or his/her parents.

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