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Singapore Dollar and It's Description.

As India has rupee as its official currency, in the same way, Singapore has the Singapore dollar denoted by the symbol of the dollar ($) or only S dollar(S$). The Singapore dollar is issued in the form of notes and coins by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Singapore dollar is coded as SGD.

The Singapore dollar is considered the 12th most traded currency. It is not only used in Singapore but also in Brunei. Likewise, the Brunei dollar is acceptable in Singapore.

The banknotes consist of the scenery of Singapore depicted on the back of it, a lion head watermark, a coat of arms and the signature of the finance minister. There were a series of notes launched, namely orchid series, bird series, ship series, and portrait series. The domination of the Singapore dollar is 9 in number including 1, 5, 10, 25, 15, 100, 500, 1000, and 10000.

Best Rate for Singapore Dollar

The best exchange rates can only be found if one has a better knowledge of the competitive exchange rates and an approach to the market / look for rates online. The conversion includes exchanging to Singapore Dollar cash currency, travel cheques, prepaid Forex card, and so on.

Being the leading foreign currency exchange company, the Orient exchange provides the platform for changing the INR to SGD at best rates. Orient Exchange has made traveling a blessing by increasing the ease of currency conversation at the best prices, and by offering both currency and forex cards.

With Orient Exchange, staying updated with the live rates, it has become very easy to convert SGD into INR. This online platform results in better and faster decision making and makes you more advanced by letting you make decisions in the financial sector in very less time, or we can say timely.

Is Singapore Dollar available on the Forex card?

The Singapore Dollar is not only available as banknotes, but is also available on Forex cards. Singapore Dollar Forex cards are the simplest and best way to carry the currency if you are in a foreign land.

People prefer to Visit Singapore to enjoy the calmness of that greenery luxurious botanical gardens and even to get a closer look at the fantastic wildlife through Night Safari. Most of the locations selected by the travellers include the places where they might fall short of the cash they carry, but carrying a Forex Card will prove to be a better option there. These Travel Cards can be re-loaded even when you are travelling.

With the availability of multi-currency forex cards, Orient Exchange proves to be best to buy SGD Forex cards. It has a useful online platform with dedicated staff.

Checking The Current Singapore Dollar Exchange Rate and Buying Singapore Dollar at Best Price

Orient Exchange ensures accurate market prices and exchange rates with utmost precision which allows one to sell and buy Singapore Dollar at the best rates. Singapore is a country which offers the best shopping experience. Therefore, it becomes our priority to have money exchanged at the best prices. In spite of wasting time in finding a reliable foreign exchange vendor in Singapore, it's better to carry Singapore currency or a forex card along with you.

Orient Exchange provides you with the platform where you can get the knowledge of the best services and eliminates the hassle one has to face in the foreign land. In spite of negotiating with the local vendors about the transaction, one must feel free to try Orient Exchange, an RBI authorised AD II, and reduce this tiresome and time-consuming task.

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