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Transferring Money from India to UK now easy with Orient Exchange!

  • 24/7 Online Booking .
  • Freeze GBP exchange Rates for up to 2 days by Paying only 2% advance .
  • We Provide Payment Gateways services like Convera, Flywire, Paymytution, etc.
  • Video-KYC facility available.

Transfer Money to UK from India for following Purpose

Why to Choose Orient Exchange for Money Transfer from India to UK

Exchange Rate

Orient Exchange offers best exchange rate for GBP to Transfer money from India to UK.

Student Friendly

We process various payment gateways like Convera, Flywire and Paymytution to pay the UK university fees, students can have multiple payment gateways options.

Pay only 2% to block the rate

Orient Exchange introduced book now and pay later facility i.e, one can freeze the exchange rate up to 48 hours by paying 2% advance.


To make document verification hassle free, we introduced Video-KYC process, one can complete their KYC process through video call without visiting the branch.

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Online Remittance - How It Works

Send Money Abroad from India Online at Guaranteed Lowest Rate & Fastest Transfer Time

Money Transfer to UK from India

United Kingdom, a destination of economic attraction for Indians, and they countervail 2.3% of its population. Moreover, a city called Wembley figures out as "mini-India".

Your loved ones settled there in UK?

Struggle to send money from India?

Better to choose an option called "Orient exchange". We are in the near steps to serve you. As we imbibe 90 years of history in the foreign exchange and remittance business, RBI renovated the company’s grade to the AD-II category which allows the company to make out the outward remittance with the best rate in the market.

Modes to send Money from India to UK

Orient exchange offers two modes of sending money abroad via wire transfer and foreign currency demand draft. Wire transfer, a simple and most potent way for outward remittance takes just 24 to 48 hrs to progress.

FC DD can be used for the intent of VISA fees, University application fees, immigration, etc. though the process is delay FC DD is one of the recommended products for the people who immigrate and settle in UK.

How to transfer money to Great Britain from India

The most novel approach to send money is wire transfer.

What is the process involved?

Let’s look into the detail. The fund is relocated as pound sterling from sender to receiver directly without complicity. The SWIFT network made it possible which connects 400 banks globally. You can do your transactions at your flexible time. As forex card keeps on changing, have a keen look to exchange your money at higher rates.

Demand Drafts entails doing some work for transfer. The senders have to get DD from a bank or forex dealer. The receiver is to deposit the same in his bank account and the fund gets collected from the bank. Although it is the cheapest way to transfer takes days to polish off.

Main purpose to send money to UK

You can send GB Pound for the following reasons:

  • Education, you can transfer Pound to Universities in UK, pay the tuition fees in UK university account for your loved ones to study without any meddling.
  • You can Transfer GBP to meet Living expenses of your family members in Great Britain.
  • You can also pay for Immigration and visa purposes.
  • Gifting, you can make your loved one’s day very special.
  • Medical expenses, by opting this you can gift them their life.
  • Employment, you can financially support your loved ones in difficult times.
  • You can transfer money for Tourism factors – like Hotel or Tour Package bookings.
  • If you can’t pick up any above reason, desist worrying. Hold in touch with us. We are there for you to sort it out.

Contact us at any time to know more about these activities.

Benefits of making Wire Transfer from Orient exchange

As an RBI authorized money exchanger, we award you effective currency transfer with the best rates in the market. Currency delivery is also made at your doorsteps without your physical activity. This made a symbiotic relationship with the customers.

We also provide hasty and facile cash rescue. You can also avail of our online platform entitled wire transfer. Wire transfer opted by Orient exchange is more reliable and secured. This is the optimum way to Transfer GBP even during any crisis. It is most productive for outward remittance. Since the process is online you can use your flexible timings and at the period of the high rate of GBP.

Documents and Details required to send pound to UK from India

Here are some list outs that would be ready while you commence online money transfer to your loved ones

Remitters Document Details required:

  • ID proof authorized by the Indian government like Aadhar card and passport, etc.
  • Remitter’s PAN card.
  • Purpose proof like University fees, Tourism, etc.
  • Relationship proof with beneficiary to remit Pound for close relative maintenance or gift.

Beneficiary Details:

  • Name, address of the beneficiary, and bank account information of the beneficiary.
  • Recipients bank name and address.
  • SWIFT code.
  • IBAN and Sort Code.

Barge in touch with us to know more about the document that is obligatorily for the online transfer.

6 Easy Steps to Send Money toUK from India

Frequently Asked Questions

You are at the right place! Orient Exchange is authorized by RBI to send money to universities in UK. All you need to do is to share certain details and documents. On completion of KYC verification you can block the rate and make the payment. You money will be delivered to beneficiary within 24-48 hrs. We also help in processing Flywire payments.

The Reserve Bank of India systematized the limit of money that you can transfer to the receiver account in UK. A person could not send more than USD75,000 every year to the overseas account till 2013. In 2014, RBI expanded the amount send to US from USD75,000 to around USD1,25,000. In 2015 again, RBI reconsidered the limit and further increased the maximum amount that one can send to the overseas account. At present, you can transfer up to USD 2, 50,000 to in a year under Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS).

Yes, it is. The RBI has tightened its rule against Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) and those who are using this for their children’s studies and for investing in foreign stocks and property must possess a PAN card for every transaction.

Yes of course you can send money to your beloved friends through wire transfer in a secured way.

If you encounter any issues or delays with your money transfer from India to UK, you should contact our customer support team for assistance. Be prepared to provide your transfer details and any relevant documentation or information.

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