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Convera Payment: International Payment Solutions for Student

International Payment Solutions for Student

Leading financial services company Western Union recently got rebranded as Convera. The rebranding is part of the acquisition of Western Union by Goldfinch Partners, LLC and The Baupost Group, LLC. Convera- Western Union business solutions is now a separate business-to-business (B2B) cross-border payments and foreign exchange services company.

Here in the article we will look at how Convera payment offers reliable International payment solutions for Student through its extensive network of companies worldwide.

What is Convera Payments?

Convera payment is specialized remittance platform where students can send money to various foreign institutions securely.

Convera For International Payment
How fintech companies are redefining the student remittance space

Students studying abroad in foreign countries have always relied on student remittance to fund their education. However, the idea of sending money to a student in abroad has come with challenges. But all that is changing now, thanks to fintech companies like Convera.

With a high rate of growth, there is a huge potential market for new players in this space. For students who want to send money through Convera, it is an excellent way to save time and have more control over their finances.

Orient Exchange can process Convera payments

Orient Exchange, a leading RBI-authorized dealer, has tied up with multiple banks and financial intuitions to offer student remittance solutions.

Orient Exchange has been in the student remittance space for years and brings extensive experience in offering seamless and secure solutions. Convera payments through Orient exchange are enabling student remittance solutions at the best rates.

Whether it is about admission fees or tuition fees for each semester, Orient Exchange makes it easy to pay foreign university fees through Convera payment or any other payment methods. Furthermore, parents desirous of sending money to their students to cover their living expenses can also avail of the services of Orient Exchange.

Top reasons that make Orient Exchange the best for Convera payments

Here are some reasons why Orient Exchange is a popular option for student remittance.

  • Excellent transfer rates

    Money transfers to a foreign country can take time as the process remains complex due to its financial nature. However, Orient Exchange understands how fee payment deadlines can be crucial for students in foreign countries.

    Keeping this in mind, we offer quick and hassle-free service where students prefer to make fee payments through Convera for tuition and admission fees. You can expect swift transactions and money to reach the beneficiary safely.

  • Check Exchange Rate for Convera Payment
  • Minimal processing fees

    An international money transfer can involve high processing costs and fees. However, you can expect to get the best value from Orient Exchange for your international money transfer through Convera. We offer the best rates and do not have any hidden charges or markups that increase the transaction cost. You will get the best deal across the market.

  • Best conversion rates

    We offer the best currency conversion rates in the market. You can expect to get the best value for your money irrespective of the foreign currency you want to transact in. Since currency rates are dynamic, always check them before you proceed ahead with the transaction.

  • Get reliable student remittance today with Orient Exchange

    With Orient Exchange, you can get reliable student remittances fast and easy. Convera international money transfer services allow you to send money to your university and Orient Exchange makes the process simple, hassle-free, and does not require extensive paperwork.

    Not only that, we also offer other services like foreign currency exchange and forex cards. Let's face it: sometimes life happens, and you need a little help getting through it. That's why we are here for you.


Depending on the payment method, it can take between 3 to 5 days to transfer your funds through Convera Payment.

Orient Exchange is a RBI Authorized dealer category 2 Financial Institution, offers not only lowest exchange rates but also very secured network to transfer money through Convera Payment.

Yes, Through convera Indian students can send their abroad education fees or tuition fee easily and securely.

Other than Convera payment, there are other payments methods are also available for Indian students such as Flywire, Paymytution. Orient Exchange provides all these payment options while paying tuition fees abroad.

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