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Indian Rupee (INR) to Pound Sterling (GBP)

UK, better known around the world as United Kingdom of Great Britain hold plenty of treasures within. People from India prefer to visit Britain as means to explore the niceties of old England feel and want to explore how they have retained the greenery and sophistication even in the modern era. Most people who select Britain as travel location are those who have an inkling towards working or settling there, and without doubt their immigration policies are strict and a travel visa is the best way to explore the topography and climate of Britain.

Pound Sterling or GBP is the official currency of United Kingdom. It is one of the oldest currencies in world and ranks among the top 5 most traded currencies. Traveller’s proceeding to UK should buy GBP, preferably in denominations of 5, 10, 20 or 50.

Where can I buy British pound?

It is always better to exchange your INR to GBP in India rather than looking for exchange houses in UK. Covert Indian Rupee to Pound well in advance so that you can avoid procuring it at the airport, where the rates are worst. You can use Orient Exchange to obtain British pound directly from the online platform. And, since we have employed cutting edge tech like SSL encryption to protect your important data, we couldn’t boost our safety and security adding on to the ease of use and consistent improvements in functionality and stability. Alternately, you can select our branch location in your city to buy GBP in form of currency notes or forex cards.

Best GBP buying rates in India

If you are looking for the best rates to buy GBP, you are in the right place. As a business model Orient Exchange has been mastering the rate segment with constant cash flow as a foreign currency importer. Strong ties with nations like UAE and Hong Kong have enabled this strong flow of cash and long and sustained relationship has enabled them to form agreements to give exclusive addendums to help us improve tourism to an extent. And, thus we are the best place to buy GB Pound in the market.

Indian rupees to British pound exchange rates

As a regular advice to our esteemed customers, we urge them to check the daily currency rates and keep them updated and well informed of the changes in the market rates. Once your trip to UK is finalised, keep tracking the rate for 1 Pound to INR to place your order at your desired level. We employ extreme measure to keep our online platform regularly updated with the latest rates and are proud to have accomplished that in the short stint that too for the sole benefit of our customers.

Is GBP available on Forex Card?

British Pound is not only available, it is one of the most sought-after cards. These prepaid travels cards can be loaded with multiple currencies and can be used for swiping at POS, online purchase and ATMs for withdrawal of cash. Read the card documents in detail to know about the usage procedures and charges. Don’t forget to get your GBP forex card here before you step into Great Britain.

Best exchange rates for GBP to INR

Returned back from your trip to UK? Are you on a trip to India from UK?

Looking to exchange Pound into INR?

Hop on to our branch location near to you or book online. With the advent of tech, you don’t have to move a mile to sell GBP. All you have to do is to register online with us and feed the information of which currency you would like to get, when and how you are willing to make the transaction then it is a matter of moments until our experienced staff will get in touch with you to provide the clarity you need to finish the transaction. Alternately you can visit our branch in your city and convert GBP to INR over the counter.

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