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Buy Currency for the following purpose

Private visit or leisure Business visit Education Employment Emigration Medical treatment

Private Visit/Leisure

Business Visit




Medical Treatment

Private Visit/Leisure

Foreign Exchange can be availed by Indian Residents travelling abroad for a private visit to any other country other than Nepal and Bhutan.

Business Visit

Foreign Exchange can be released to Employees travelling abroad under Business Visit with the required documents.


Students who want to pursue overseas education can avail of Remittance and Foreign Exchange services before travelling, post travel parents can support.


Indian Residents travelling abroad for the very first time under employment visa can buy Foreign Exchange.


Foreign Exchange can be released to an Indian Resident who is travelling under the Emigration visa for the first time.

Medical Treatment

One can buy Foreign Exchange to meet the expenses of Medical Treatment outside India based on the estimation.

The Orient Exchange Advantage over Banks & Other Forex Vendors

Best Live Rate in the Market

We assure you the best rate and services when you deal with us through online and offer transparency in the rate 24x7. Our online platform is good as a physical shop for foreign exchange purchase or sales.

Best live rate in the market
Fastest & Best Delivery Service

Place the order online before 1 pm and get same day delivery from Orient Exchange. We provide the fastest service and time bound delivery of currencies at your doorstep. You can track orders on a real-time basis.

Fastest and best delivery service
Stocks Of Destination Currencies

In Orient Exchange we have stocks of Destination Currencies. Many foreign exchanges in the market do not keep stock of Destination Currencies for many reasons, as an RBI authorized category II dealer we import destination currencies as IDR,THB etc..to provide the customer at the best rate.

Stock of destination currencies
Easy To Access

Orient Exchange is an RBI authorized Category II Dealer with years of experience. We have physical stores in 21 major cities across India apart from offering services on online platform. We made the online process simple and easy to access.

Easy to access

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Best Foreign Currency Exchange Services in Trivandrum

Kerala is one of the top 50 world top destinations recently listed by Time Magazine to explore. Trivandrum, officially known as Thiruvananthapuram, is the capital city of Kerala, with a tradition dating back to 1000 BC. The political nerve centre of Kerala is also home to several educational institutions and many science and technology institutions, including the VSSC ISST and Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram - India's first technology park and among the three largest IT parks in India today. The city is famous for many religious places like Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Palayam Juma Masjid, and St. Mary’s Syrian Catholic Church.

Many individual tourists and business travellers from abroad visit Trivandrum every year. Similarly, business persons, tourists, students at Trivandrum travel abroad for business meetings, tourism, university admissions, and medical support. This inward and outward movement of people from and to Trivandrum makes it inevitable for the city to have a top money exchange house to take care of the increasing demand for forex services. It is Orient Exchange that has been providing these foreign currency services in Trivandrum.

Orient Exchange, the Go-To-Place for Any Forex Services in Trivandrum

Whatever the forex services you need as a visitor to Trivandrum or a visitor from the city to other countries, Orient Exchange can help you with the services swiftly and smoothly. The order you place offline or through online mode will be delivered at home or office in Trivandrum city, its surroundings, and nearby Taluks. Orient Exchange in Trivandrum provides foreign exchange and remittance services, including the facility to buy forex cards online, buy foreign currency online or offline, or send money overseas at the best currency exchange rate offered in Trivandrum.

Orient Exchange and Financial Services Pvt Ltd have a legacy dating back to 2004 in India as the Indian subsidiary of our 90-year-old parent company, Orient Exchange Co (LLC) group headquartered in the UAE. While the parent company is spread across the Middle East, APAC, Europe, and Asia India, the Indian subsidiary serve almost all metros and major cities in India. Orient Exchange and Financial Services Pvt Ltd is now an RBI-authorized foreign exchange dealer (AD-II category), a status required to make outward remittances for specified purposes per the RBI norms.

Orient Exchange Stands Tall in Trivandrum

What makes Orient Exchange different from other players in Trivandrum and other cities in India these are some of the following unique features of its services:

  • Best real-time live rate: we provide the best real-time foreign exchange rates live on our portal. You can choose the best possible rate on a day, rather than settling for one single currency exchange rate for the whole day, and block the rate for future currency transactions upto 48 hours.
  • Lower overall cost: The option to choose and block the best rate helps you save costs. Moreover, you won’t have to bear any other extra charges on your transactions, making the overall cost of transactions the lowest among exchanges.
  • Banquet foreign exchange products and services: You name it, and we have those forex-related products and services, including Foreign Currency, Multi-currency Forex Card, and International Money Transfers from India.
  • Superior service: Whether through our physical offices or online portal, the experience you get from our services is top-notch, we deliver currency with atmost care to our customer with door delivery facilities and a live order tracking link is provided to the customer.
  • Genuine currencies: When you buy currencies from Orient Exchange, you are assured about the authenticity of the currency you buy from us. Other exchanges rarely guarantee this.

The Best Online Forex Portal for Customers in Trivandrum

Today, most services are done online, and it is natural for forex customers to expect the same from foreign currency exchanges. A portal is not enough; the customers expect a smooth, quick, and easy-to-use. Orient Exchange has developed the web portal by eyeing every aspect of customer expectations and the potential of digital technology. Our web portal is simple, easy to use, swift, and interactive, making it easy for customers to check live rates and acquire the best forex card at Interbank rate with Zero Exchange Margin. Buy currency online and make other forex transactions with a few clicks.

Check the Currency Rates with Orient Exchange in Trivandrum Before Placing Order

We offer the best exchange rate in Trivandrum. Our rates are real-time and can be accessed on the live portal. You can avail of the best rate from our website rate that frequently changes throughout the day instead of settling for one single rate the whole day. Very few exchanges offer this facility and what is more exciting is the facility to block the best rate for a future transaction - a not-so-common feature available with other money changers in Trivandrum.

How to Book Currency in 6 Easy Steps

Currency Exchange - How It Works

Buy Currencies at Guaranteed Lowest Rate & Fastest Transfer Time

Frequently Asked Questions

A foreign exchange of up to USD 5,000 can be given as a gift/donation every year.

You can purchase foreign exchange from any authorised dealer or money changers by making payment by an account payee cheque/banker's cheque/pay order/demand draft /debit card/credit card/prepaid card only if the rupee equivalent exceeds Rs.50,000/. Orient Exchange is one of the best foreign exchange in Trivandrum that provides both offline and online forex service.
Foreign exchange can be purchased 60 days before the date of the journey. If you cannot travel and spend the foreign exchange within 60 days, you should surrender it to exchange dealer.

Orient Exchange is the best online platform to exchange Currency online in Trivandrum, we provide real time rate with along with liver order tracking system

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