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All about Blocked Account in Germany for Indian Students

What is a Blocked Account in Germany?

Blocked Account is a type of Bank Account in Germany required for International students who wants to study in Germany. This account is also known as a "Sperrkonto" in German.

A German Blocked Account is a mandatory requirement and simply put, is a closed bank account in a German Bank. It is called closed because it comes with a standing instruction on the maximum amount the student can withdraw on a monthly basis.

Why Blocked Account is needed for International students?

According to the prevailing economic conditions, German Government mandates that a monthly sum is provided for the student to facilitate his living expenses in the country during the tenure of his education. This money has to be deposited in a Blocked Account in Germany before the student applies for visa.

Starting 2023, this amount has been set at EURO 11208, which may change as per the directives of the German Government from time to time. Before remitting student should ensure the prevailing amount to be transferred to German blocked account from the Bank. This account will be valid for one year and can be expended with additional fee.

This amount roughly translates to €934/month. For a student, this amount would cover accommodation, living expenses, and even travel pass costs.

Students must keep in mind following points:
  • The admission letter from a university to open blocked account in Germany is not a mandatory.
  • Students can open blocked account in any bank in Germany.
  • Candidates should keep in mind that this is a mandatory practice applicable to all international students who choose to pursue higher education in Germany.
  • Once the blocked account is opened, the bank would send a confirmation mail with the details to the German Embassy/ Consulate.
  • This is essential for the student to get a German National Visa.
What documents are required for opening a blocked account Germany?

The list of required documents to open a blocked account may vary depending on your nationality and the blocked account provider you choose.

However, you will mostly need these documents to open a blocked account in Germany.

  • Valid passport
  • Offer letter from your university
  • PAN /TIN
How to open a blocked account in Germany?

Until a few years ago the Deutsche Bank has been the only option for international students to open a blocked account in Germany. Now more companies are providing the service to open Blocked Account in Germany, in that Four reputed FinTech's/Banks are :


Fintiba is a Germany-based fintech company that offers digital solutions for international students, one can open Blocked account in Germany from Fintiba. Fintiba offers special category product called Fintiba plus which offers 93 Euros worth free travel insurance and free sim card.

ICICI Germany:

ICICI Bank is the first Indian bank, approved by German Federal foreign office to offer a Blocked Account- a trusted and comprehensive solution for students and professionals planning to study or work in Germany.

ICICI Blocked Account provides a secure way to meet the financial requirements while complying with German Visa regulations.


Expatrio offers a blocked account service for international students in Germany to prove sufficient financial resources. The account requires a minimum deposit and restrictions on withdrawals. It also provides travel, health insurance & German sim card along with blocked account service.


Another important German based organization it offers international students to open Blocked Account in Germany. Even this organizations also provides travel and health insurance.

Fill the online application form with your personal information along with uploading passport details with a copy of passport, self-image & offer letter.

Follow these steps to apply for your blocked account in Germany.
  • Fill the online application form with your personal information along with uploading passport details with a copy of passport, self-image & offer letter.
  • Your application will be processed by the FinTech service providers. Once the process is completed, confirmation of blocked account is sent along with all details.
  • Deposit the money as stated in the Transfer Information document received.
  • Finally, the bank will confirm the balance of your account and issue the Blocked Account confirmation letter, which can be used for making visa application.

Bank will issue the certificate of Blocked Account being opened, which can be used for making visa application.

What is the minimum amount needed in Blocked Account in 2023?

As of 2023, the required amount for a blocked account in Germany is €11,208 for one year of study or stay. This amount is meant to cover living expenses and is a requirement for some students and travellers (i.e., customers going under immigration or employment) to obtain a visa for entry into Germany.

How to transfer money to Germany blocked account?

As soon as you receive the transfer information document, transfer the money to blocked account by using the international money transfer services of Orient Exchange. All you have to do is to provide copy of Student’s passport, PAN, transfer information document (provided by bank where account is opened) and university offer letter. Transfer Euro to blocked account at the best rate with assured service in 24 to 48 hours.

How to withdraw money from your Germany blocked account?

Once you settle at a registered address, you can withdraw money from your blocked amount. However, that you won’t have direct access to your blocked amount in Germany.

The only way you can withdraw your money is by opening an international student bank (current/savings/checking) account in Germany where your blocked money will be transferred every month.

Currently, you’re allowed to withdraw a maximum of €934 per month (11208/12 = 934) unless you’ve deposited more money than the required minimum. This amount of money is transferred from your blocked account to your regular account / international student bank account/ current or savings or checking account from where you can freely withdraw your money. Please note that banks in Germany usually charges a fee every month. Please note that banks in Germany usually charges a fee every month 5 euros for maintaining the bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

For some international students and people going on immigration/employment, a blocked account is necessary to obtain a visa for entry into Germany. It is required to cover living expenses while in the country.

No, the funds in a blocked account can't be withdrawn until the account holder arrives in Germany. Once in Germany, the account holder can access the funds to cover their living expenses by opening a current or savings or checking account, where funds from Blocked account gets transferred every month.

If you don't use all the funds in your blocked account, you can withdraw the remaining balance once you leave Germany. However, you may be subject to fees for withdrawing the funds or closing the account.

No, the funds in a blocked account can only be used for living expenses, such as housing, food, and transportation. You'll need to use other funds to pay for tuition and other expenses.

The processing time can vary depending on the bank or provider you choose. The online process of opening Blocked Account is very simple and fast. It usually takes 2-3 days to get the Blocked account details and wire-instruction letter.

If you don't have enough funds in your blocked account, your visa application may be denied. It's important to make sure you have enough funds before applying for a visa.