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Dubai Festivals: India to Dubai travel

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Dubai is the capital of United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, people celebrates various festival and events throughout a year. Out of seven emirates, Dubai is the most famous city of the UAE . This city is famous for luxury shopping’s, ultramodern architecture, lively nightlife scene, etc…One of the best and safest middle eastern countries for tourist is Dubai. A collection of 300 plus private islands in the shape of continent is located off the coast of Dubai. Dubai is named as 'WOLRD ISLANDS'.

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Best time to visit Dubai for travellers

From November to April month weather is pleasant to visit there. The January and February months peak time for Dubai shopping festival and it is more crowded. April, May & summers in Dubai is very hot and flights are cheaper to travel

Main Festival seasons to travel

  • Dubai Shopping Festival – Jan & Feb
  • Dubai Marathon - Jan & Feb
  • Omega Dubai Desert Classic - Jan & Feb
  • Dubai International Jazz Festival - Feb & March
  • Dubai Tennis Championships - Feb & March
  • Dubai Desert Challenge - March & April
  • Art Dubai - March &n April
  • Dubai World Cup - March & April
  • Ramadan - April & May
  • The bride Show - April & May
  • Dubai Summer Surprises - June & August
  • Motexha Textile Show - September & October
  • Dubai Rugby Sevens - November & December
  • Dubai International Film Festival & November
  • National Day Festival - November & December

Dubai Shopping Festival: The best rate offered for AED currency, Travel card in forex market.

Dubai shopping festival popularly known as world grandest event which takes place in Dubai for every year. Since 1996, people flock to Dubai during this shopping festival. This festival starts in December and probably end by February. So why don’t mark your presence in the magnificent and largest shopping festival in the world.

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India's Ramzan known in Dubai as RAMADAN. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. This holiday considered as paid holidays for both private and public sectors in Dubai.

Ramadan popularly known as "Eid Al Fitr" and it is a celebration which marks the end of the festival.

These will be paid holidays for private and public sector employees. Muslims usually customary to wake up early in the morning hour and clean themselves, dress up neatly before going to the mosque to pray a prayer for EID.

At the end of the Ramadan all people wish each other says” EID MUBARAK’. This Festival makes end of Ramadan with a celebratory feast. But this year 2020, due to COVID -19 all Muslims will be asked to pray for EID at home only

Dubai travel during RAMADAN:


Do visit.... because Dubai does not shut down fully during Eid Al Fitr. Many visitors and expats who coming into the city enjoy this time of year because most things remain open there. Cities are crowded with both Muslims and expats head off cooler shores. Dubai operates normal during this Holy month and it attracts tourists across the world, who among other tourist spots likes world tallest building "Burj Khalifa" to visit.


During Holy month, dress code for men and women more conservative. Everybody Should abide rule by the ‘do not eat, drink, smoke, in public between sunrise and sunset.


The AED (United Arab Emirates) is official currency of Dubai and other Emirates .The best way to exchange INR TO AED is to use website of . Being a part of Dubai group of companies, ORIENT EXCHANGE INDIA an authorised Dealer -II license holder issued by RBI, AED is the major currency dealing in. We do import of AED currency for Indian travelers from our own group of company setup in Dubai.


Most of the time traveler request for various denomination of currency. We understand the importance of denomination of currency for travel and shopping. So, we try to facilitate our customers by providing multiple denominations, if they prefer, while exchange. Orient Exchange is Master of AED currency in forex industry.

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