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Outward Remittance Services

Outward Remittance

In India to transfer the money abroad is very tranquil but needs to follow the rules of Reserve Bank of India. There are different purposes which are categorized by the Reserve Bank of India according to the general citizen’s need to send money abroad

Some of the outward remittances can be done only through ADI categorized entities such as Banks and other purpose transactions, mostly current account transactions similar to Education, Immigration Fees, Medical Maintenance fees, Application Fees, Visa Fees can be done through ADII categorized entities such as Foreign Exchange Company and through Bank also.

After deciding the purpose of remittance you need to check from where you can process the transaction. Here are comparison details which will help you to decide on selecting the vehicle for remitting money abroad.

Remittance Directly through Bank:

Remittance directly trough bank
  • In Bank you need to open an account; without opening an account you cannot transfer the Money to abroad
  • A bank is safe and secure
  • A bank is enormous where you won't get Individual attention and guidance about the remittance
  • You need to stick on to the Foreign Exchange rate given by them and you cannot bargain with them
  • Bank charges are high
  • Process flow in the Bank for outward remittance is quite dawdling

Remittance from Authorised dealer Category II:

  • No need to open an account just transfer amount from Individual saving account to the Foreign Exchange company’s account
  • Authorised Dealer Cat II and RBI regulated and is safe, secure and trustworthy.
  • Here you will get Individual attention and proper guidance about the remittance
  • You will get the best ongoing live rates. You have an option of comparing the rates with other ADII players and banks
  • There is no hidden charges and charges are reasonable
  • Services will be given at the doorstep.
Remittance with authorized dealer

From India two options to transfer the money with different method of process.

Transfer money

Swift Transfer: It is unlike Money transfer from one Bank to abroad bank. It is a method of Electronic fund transfer which is one of the expedient ways of remitting funds from India to abroad. It is eligible for all resident individuals. The LSR limit to send money abroad for Individual is USD 250000 for the financial year. While sending through Swift transfer you need to give full details of Beneficiary account with Swift code of Beneficiary Bank

Pre-signed Foreign Currency Demand Draft: It is a paper draft pre-signed by the Bank official which can be physically carried anywhere. It is available in the following currencies USD, GBP, SGD, EUR, CAD, and AUD. In India most, people use Demand draft for Immigration, Visa Fees, and Education. The validity of DD is approximately 3 months from the date of issue.

Frequency asked questions

Frequently Asked questions

From the Hindu Undivided account, one cannot remit money abroad by using services of AD II. Money can be transferred through the Saving account only.

Yes, you can send money under Gift remittance up to equivalent USD 5000

Yes, Pan card copy is mandatory of Individual as per RBI

Overseas University payment

Immigration Fees

Employment Fees

Individual Private Visits

Medical treatment

Living expenses of close relatives in abroad

Gift to friend

While sending money abroad the important fragments required in Bank details of Beneficiary is as follows depends upon the country where the remittances happen:

Benifiary account
  • Beneficiary Account Name: As per the Foreign Bank, the account name should be filled while giving the details to the Bank or Foreign Exchange company. It should not vary, if not there will be chance for return of remittance which in turn may attract bank charges.
  • Beneficiary Bank Swift code: Bank swift code varies from bank to bank. So fill the correct swift code or BIC code
  • Beneficiary IBAN Number: Some countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab, Europe and Sweden, and the United Kingdom required IBAN without that they cannot process the transaction. It is Unique International Bank account number

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