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All sell bookings will stop from 30.09.2020 at 12 noon for implementation of TCS. ***We do not deal in personal loan/business loan, neither we have any subsidiary company dealing in such products. ***Be careful of fraudsters.
All sell bookings will stop from 30.09.2020 at 12 noon for implementation of TCS. ***We do not deal in personal loan/business loan, neither we have any subsidiary company dealing in such products. ***Be careful of fraudsters.

Best International Money Transfer in India

World is become more connected; more people or corporates needs to send money abroad for many reasons. If you live and working away from the home, time will definitely come when you have to make transfer to abroad for support your loved ones and other reasons.

Outward Remittance is basically the same as an international money transfer. Many of the sender /customers live overseas and send their hard money to support their loved ones. For example: Parents do wire transfer to University or their son/daughter’s account for purpose of their education. To help them, please visit your nearest branch of Orient exchange or go to the website

Right place to Approach
money transfer

1. Telegraphic transfers or process of sending money are made through ADII RBI licence holder or banks or money changers.

2. Customer should remember that you just can not trust any individuals with the responsibility of sending money.

3. Experts recommends to choose a better exchange house /bank who have the international footprint which make you money transfer easier and secure.

Mode of transfer
Right place to approach

You need to choose option of send money .One is Wire transfer and another is Demand draft. Wire transfer is done via SWIFT i.e Society for Worldwise Interbank Financial Telecommunications. Swift transfer is most secure and standard system which can be done by banks to their correspondents with each other. A demand draft can be sent abroad physically and takes little bit of time to get cleared. In most of the time remittance will be received by beneficiary bank in 48 hrs.

Process of application
Mode of transfer

Primarily, customer has to send their documents /upload either online or visit the office or request for home verification of KYC and other relevant documents. The requirement of documents may slightly vary with purpose behind sending the money. There is a limit set by RBI to individuals who remitting money to abroad. RBI has placed an annual cap of $ 250000 to the individuals

1. Rate fixing: Customer can book their forex rate by paying 2% of the transaction value or they may pay after verification of documents.

2. Fees/charges: Many banks are involved in a single outward remittance through the SWIFT network. Customer are liable to pay extra fees. Two to three intermediary banks may handle the transfers so they can add their own charges. In addition to that own bank & receipt bank charges are also included in what you pay.

Application process

Duration: Remitter to receiver ‘s account

Swift transfer is transfer money between multiple banks before the funds credited to the seller’s /beneficiary account. This process will be completed from 1 to 5 working days depending on the countries where you transfer .

What details are must for outward remittance transfer ?

*Beneficiary Details :

Name of the beneficiary &

Address of the Beneficiary

*Payee Bank details :

1) SWIFT CODE: Swift code is known as Bank ID /SWIFT CODE/Identifier code.

Each financial institution is having their own unique swift code. Swift code usually has 8 to 11 digit or characters.


2) Beneficiary bank name

3) Beneficiary bank Address and branch name

4) Beneficiary Bank Account Number

5) Currency wise bank details are additionally required:


ii) GBP – IBAN, Sort Code

iii) CAD – Transit Number

iv) AUD – BSB Code


Attention on exchange rate:

exchange rate

Customer always think about best way to send Wire transfer at cheap cost. In current market scenario, customer should know that most of the banks or money exchangers don’t use the real exchange rate. Instead of that, add more margin on top of live rates. So, customer pay more or beneficiary receive less. To avoid this hidden charges try using online services which provide you the live /real exchange rates on all wire transfers ,currency Exchange, forex card etc….