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We process Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions Transactions.
We process Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions Transactions.

Note:Presently we are processing only education and tours TT on Online, for other purposes please contact us On +91-08046003700.

We process Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions Transactions.
We process Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions Transactions.

Remittance of university fees to UK from Lake Town, Kolkata

The lake town of Kolkata witnessed development in a planned manner from the day of independence, and now it has become one of the commercial hubs. You can find almost all major food chains there, malls, and so on. In the same place, forex dealers are there for the kids who have planned their life to become better. Wondering how? If your child has dreamed of pursuing his education in any university of world-class standards in the UK, you need not worry about how you are going send money to UK and pay the university fees.

And that’s said because you have the best international money transfer service provider in the market in your locality offering services. We provide numerous outward remittance services for you to send money to foreign universities. Some of the common methods are demand draft transfer, wire transfer, and Flywire payments.

In demand drafts, you need to send the money draft which you had received from us for the requested sum, to the university. Then they will have to collect the funds by producing the draft. It is cheap but a very time and energy-consuming process.

In wire transfer, funds are transferred directly between your account and the university account in an electronic way. It is done with the help of the SWIFT network that connects almost all banks in the globe. It is fast since it takes just 48 hours to complete. It may cost a bit more than the demand drafts but is still worth it.

The third one, flywire payments are the latest trend. Here the universities tie up with a flywire account. While you send money abroad, there will be a lot of processes, and this method helps you to skip that. You can pay the fees with the Indian currency, and we will transfer it to a flywire account. Flywire takes care of the cross-border movement of funds and the universities will get the funds from their flywire accounts. These all can be done online with Orient exchange.