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For Gift & Maintenance purposes, please add 0.20 paise on the displayed OR TT rate as we refer them to Bank. *Sell rate for USD white notes/ small deno will differ. *QAR Sell rate is only for new 5th generation series.*GBP Sell rate is only for plastic notes.

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We process Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions Transactions.
We process Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions Transactions.

Note:Presently we are processing only education and tours TT on Online, for other purposes please contact us On +91-08046003700.

We process Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions Transactions.
We process Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions Transactions.

Pay fees to foreign universities through Flywire payment in Bikarnakatte, Mangalore

Bikarnakatte is a holy spot with a name derived from Bheekara Nyaya Katte, which means a place where the harshest justice was executed. Despite the fact that this region contains a wide variety of diversity, its cohesiveness is unrivaled. Even if you are looking for international money transfer services, being in such a place will not cause you any problems.

Orient Exchange, a forex market leader, was compelled to extend its doors to open in this great location without sacrificing any service quality. RBI approved the Orient exchange application for the AD-II category, based on its performance in this division. As a result, Orient Exchange is now one of the few money changers in India that proudly operates under this license category while also adhering to FEMA rules.

With our tie-up services, such as the Flywire payment, you can send money overseas without any problem. It provided a transaction interface for students that were linked to live and discounted exchange rates, lowering the cost of transfer and higher foreign exchange value for students. You can also use your tracking link to check on the status of your payment. All of our locations have Flywire letters and payment guides for students.

Foreign colleges prefer and urge students to send money through Flywire payment service because of the convenience it provides. The money is transmitted to a Flywire account in the destination country after Orient Exchange receives payment from the students through the online portal. When compared to regular banks, you can also save a large amount of money and you don’t need to visit a bank branch to Send money to foreign universities. Unlike huge financial institutions, we offer multilingual service 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a variety of channels such as phone, chat, and email. We can guarantee that every service you opt from us will have an expert trust which will provide a seamless experience.