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  • Exchange fee on card
  • Card issuance charges
  • Reloading charges


  • Exchange fee on card
  • Card issuance charges
  • Reloading charges

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The Orient Exchange Advantage Over Banks & Other Forex Vendors

Best live rate in the market
Best Live Rate in the Market

We assure you the best rate and services when you deal with us through online and offer transparency in the rate 24x7. Our online platform is good as a physical shop for foreign exchange purchase or sales.

Fastest and best delivery service
Fastest & Best Delivery Service

Place the order online before 1 pm and get same day delivery from Orient Exchange. We provide the fastest service and time bound delivery of currencies at your doorstep.

Stock of destination currencies
Stocks Of Destination Currencies

In Orient Exchange we have stocks of Destination Currencies. Many foreign exchanges in the market do not keep stock of Destination Currencies for many reasons, as an RBI authorized category II dealer we import destination currencies as IDR,THB provide the customer at the best rate.

Easy to access
Easy To Access

Orient Exchange is an RBI authorized Category II Dealer with years of experience. We have physical stores in 21 major cities across India apart from offering services on online platform. We made the online process simple and easy to access.

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Outward remittance to foreign university from Chikkodi-Belgaum

A reliable and efficient process is needed to send money abroad for university fees from Chikkodi, Belgaum. With Orient Exchange, residents of Chikkodi can seamlessly navigate the process, ensuring that their loved ones receive the necessary funds for their education abroad.

Understanding Outward Remittance:

Outward remittance refers to sending money from a resident of a country to a beneficiary outside that country's borders. In the context of education, external remittances usually involve transferring funds to foreign universities for tuition fees, living expenses, or other educational expenses.

Challenges and Considerations:

When sending money abroad for education, several factors come into play:

Exchange Rates: Fluctuating exchange rates can significantly affect the amount received by the beneficiary in foreign currency. Choosing a service that offers competitive exchange rates is critical to maximizing remittance value.

Fees: Different remittance services may charge various fees, including transaction fees, currency conversion fees, and service charges. Understanding these costs upfront will help you choose the most cost-effective option.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with regulatory requirements is essential when sending money abroad. It is important to ensure compliance with foreign exchange regulations set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and other relevant authorities.

Orient Exchange: Your Trusted Partner for Outward Remittance:

Orient Exchange, the market leader in the forex market extends its services to this wonderful location without any compromise in its service quality. Our services are known for their customer-centric approach as we utilize all available resources to provide our customers with an additional service than our counterparts.

Orient Exchange, with its branch presence in Chikkodi, Belgaum, offers a reliable solution for outward remittance to foreign universities. Here's why Orient Exchange is the preferred choice:

Competitive Exchange Rates: Orient Exchange provides competitive exchange rates, ensuring that your remittance translates into maximum value for your money.

Transparent Fees: We believe in transparency, and our fee structure is clear and upfront. We strive to keep our charges competitive, minimizing unnecessary costs for our customers.

Regulatory Compliance: As an authorized dealer category II (AD-II) licensed money changer approved by the RBI, Orient Exchange ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements, providing peace of mind to our customers.

Efficient Process: Our outward remittance process is streamlined and efficient, making it convenient for customers to send money abroad for educational purposes. Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist customers at every step of the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

You can send money abroad using our services like wire transfers and demand drafts. Demand drafts are a traditional method of transferring money abroad, where you request your forex partner to issue a draft for the required amount and then send it to the recipient. Recipients must produce it to get their money. In a wire transfer, the transfer is made directly at the bank using the SWIFT network. It is a fast, secure, and convenient way to transfer money. However, it may attract a small transfer fee.

All these transfers are completed at the best rates and you don't lose the value of your money while transferring it to your loved ones. You can also send money to a foreign university with us. Contact us to know more about it.

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