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  • Exchange fee on card
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  • Exchange fee on card
  • Card issuance charges
  • Reloading charges

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The Orient Exchange Advantage Over Banks & Other Forex Vendors

Best live rate in the market
Best Live Rate in the Market

We assure you the best rate and services when you deal with us through online and offer transparency in the rate 24x7. Our online platform is good as a physical shop for foreign exchange purchase or sales.

Fastest and best delivery service
Fastest & Best Delivery Service

Place the order online before 1 pm and get same day delivery from Orient Exchange. We provide the fastest service and time bound delivery of currencies at your doorstep.

Stock of destination currencies
Stocks Of Destination Currencies

In Orient Exchange we have stocks of Destination Currencies. Many foreign exchanges in the market do not keep stock of Destination Currencies for many reasons, as an RBI authorized category II dealer we import destination currencies as IDR,THB provide the customer at the best rate.

Easy to access
Easy To Access

Orient Exchange is an RBI authorized Category II Dealer with years of experience. We have physical stores in 21 major cities across India apart from offering services on online platform. We made the online process simple and easy to access.

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Top Foreign Currency Exchange Services in Whitefield | Bangalore

Whitefield was once called a beautiful place with vineyards, easily earning the nickname "garden city" like Bangalore. The residents of Whitefield display a sophistication that propels them through the vast urban expanses in search of employment. Undeterred by the daunting traffic congestion extending from the Phoenix Mall to the city outskirts, these inhabitants exhibit admirable readiness to journey considerable distances.

This feature highlights people in the area who love to travel. Despite the busy city life, they satisfy their love for exploration by going on trips, both nearby and far away. Whether they travel for fun or work, these adventurous individuals escape the city's traffic by taking quick flights and exploring different countries.

Orient Exchange, a reliable hub for money exchange and procurement of foreign currency, can play a pivotal role in assisting these urban dwellers. Orient Exchange offers seamless solutions for purchasing forex online, ensuring convenience and efficiency in meeting the diverse travel-related currency needs of the residents. Through our deliberations, we aim to shed light on how Orient Exchange can be the go-to resource for those looking to buy forex online and streamline their travel endeavors, ensuring a hassle-free and enriching experience.

Best Money Exchange in Whitefield | Bangalore

Individuals who are well-versed in diverse fields exhibit a tendency to choose international destinations for their educational, casual, or business pursuits, aiming to broaden their perspectives in a creative and productive fashion. It is conducive to the economic interests of nations to accommodate adventurous individuals who aspire to explore the world while in their youth.

In support of these free spirits, Orient Exchange is pleased to introduce carefully curated options for Outward Remittance, facilitating the seamless transfer of funds to and from offshore accounts, particularly during emergencies. Additionally, our Forex Cards provide a secure and convenient mode of payment for frequent travelers, enhancing their offshore experiences. This service is extended not only to those in urgent situations but also to individuals who prefer accumulating foreign currency through the exchange of domestic currency, enabling them to engage in timely trading with Orient Exchange's dynamic currency exchange rates.

Regardless of your specific requirements in the foreign currency exchange market, Orient Exchange is committed to assisting you when the need arises, Especially for individuals seeking foreign exchange services near to Whitefield, this is for those ready to navigate the dynamic terrain of foreign currency exchange and make significant strides.

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