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  • Exchange fee on card
  • Card issuance charges
  • Reloading charges


  • Exchange fee on card
  • Card issuance charges
  • Reloading charges

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The Orient Exchange Advantage Over Banks & Other Forex Vendors

Best live rate in the market
Best Live Rate in the Market

We assure you the best rate and services when you deal with us through online and offer transparency in the rate 24x7. Our online platform is good as a physical shop for foreign exchange purchase or sales.

Fastest and best delivery service
Fastest & Best Delivery Service

Place the order online before 1 pm and get same day delivery from Orient Exchange. We provide the fastest service and time bound delivery of currencies at your doorstep.

Stock of destination currencies
Stocks Of Destination Currencies

In Orient Exchange we have stocks of Destination Currencies. Many foreign exchanges in the market do not keep stock of Destination Currencies for many reasons, as an RBI authorized category II dealer we import destination currencies as IDR,THB provide the customer at the best rate.

Easy to access
Easy To Access

Orient Exchange is an RBI authorized Category II Dealer with years of experience. We have physical stores in 21 major cities across India apart from offering services on online platform. We made the online process simple and easy to access.

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Remit money for family maintenance from Majit Mandi, Amritsar

In an age of ambition and power, families are moving to overseas lands in search of fortune and a better life. This has given rise to the need to remit money from India for family maintenance. Even with the hectic schedules of various responsibilities, it is essential to make the perfect choice or selection to send money abroad for family maintenance from India. Remittance for family maintenance from Majit Mandi, Amritsar, is more efficient and accessible with the services offered by Orient Exchange. Orient Exchange originated here at Majit Mandi to offer the cheapest and most reliable foreign currency exchange and other forex services. To benefit the local people, we will extend our various services to the Majit Mandi section with more accessibility and comfort.

Being the most popular platform in India, we provide both online and offline services. Sending money abroad with Orient is always a bed of roses for our customers. You can avail of all our services through our website, so you don't have to waste your precious time waiting in long lines or stuck in heavy traffic.

Benefits of Remitting Money with Orient Exchange

  • Fast Transfers: Orient Exchange ensures that your money reaches its destination promptly. In many cases, funds are available to the recipient within 24 hours.
  • Low Fees: We offer competitive fees for our remittance services, ensuring that more of your money reaches your family.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Whether you prefer to pay online or in cash, Orient Exchange accommodates your needs.
  • Reliable Service: With a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, you can be confident that your money will be handled with care.

In addition to sending money abroad, Orient Exchange offers other valuable services, such as foreign currency exchange and forex cards. You can do foreign currency exchange anywhere and anytime with Orient. Yes, you can buy currency online through us with a tap on your phone. You don't need to compromise much on money exchange rates, as we offer you the best rates in the market.

For your pleasure, you can also use our forex cards to visit your family living abroad. Without stressing over foreign currency exchange, you can comfortably meet anyone in any region. It's as simple as having an ATM card, and there's no need to carry too much cash in your pocket. We always aim to make you more comfortable and safer.

Moreover, you can also pay the fees of your family members studying abroad at any time. We offer remittance of university fees in the UK, Canada, USA, and Australia. In addition to the above services, wire transfer payments from India to the university are also possible through Orient Exchange.

For residents of Majit Mandi, Amritsar, remitting money for family maintenance is simple, secure, and efficient with Orient Exchange. Our competitive rates, secure transactions, fast service, and excellent customer support make them the ideal choice for all your remittance needs. Whether you are sending money to support family members abroad or making regular payments, Orient Exchange ensures your funds reach their destination safely and promptly.

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