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Destination Currencies

Here's some useful info for the globe trotters who prefer to fly across the globe just for the fun of it. If you enjoy travel so much you will get oodles of benefits by learning the legacy and stories behind these destination currencies. It is always better to have the currency of the foreign land when one is visiting such place for leisure, business or for any purpose. By having destination currency, the traveler can save himself from exchange losses by not exchanging at Airports Exchange counters which are famous for giving the worst rates and exorbitant service charges. Moreover, they need not have to worry for exchanging currencies while enjoying their holidays and spend their precious time in doing the things for which they visited the foreign land.And, as an added benefit we are geared to inform you that the rates are ever better here for the said currencies here at Orient Exchange, and as an RBI authorised organisation we are proud to be a part of your passion in aiding you to achieve your dream of travelling with ease and security with the best in the market rates of foreign currency exchange. Being an importer of currencies, we maintain stock for most of the destination currencies.

Planning a trip to Thailand, here's what you need to know

Thailand is not just another exotic location with its beaches and refreshing climate. It has a huge influence in the international market through its widely accepted currency, the Thai Bhat. To be exact and ultra-specific, Thai currency is the tenth most utilised currency across the globe.


It's known to build up due to its demand, and that's just one more reason to explore the currency and the country as to killing two birds with a single stone.Wide acceptability extends further to places like Cambodia and Myanmar, and you could score them all to mark off your bucket list and make it a worthwhile trip of your lifetime.

THB Currency

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Awesome Malaysian Ringgits

Malaysian Ringgits

With rich histories ranging back to colonial times, the Malaysian currency is now widelyaccepted and highly valued. The coinage is generally divided into three series, with the first dating in the 1960s to the last one spanning till 2012. The sizes have varied and have morphed into most effective ones recently, but the value has steadily raised with a slight ups and downs, thanks to the tourism and awesome work opportunities in the country.


Peso that's from the Philippines

Often referred to as the Piso, or peso due to the history of being a colony of the United States, now it has refrained toits own Filipino language with Piso. It is apparent that the term leads back to Spanish Peso. With the inflation of economy, thanks to the rising capitalism and globalization now the currency is widely accepted and its familiarity in the global market is ever rising in the modern world. It is truly remarkable to note the history of a legendary currency that has its lineage back to the US colonial period.


Mauritian Rupee denoted by MUR

Piso Currency

The official currency of Mauritius, the Mauritian rupee is a globally recognised currency, denoted by Rs. the similarity to Indian rupee is apparent, but due to the economic difference the value is obviously different and varied across. If you want to identify the authentic currency of Mauritius you should check for the three dimensional watermark in the form of a dodo bird when you take it up to light. The 'Bank of Mauritius' is a definitive necessity to mark the currency and the BM is visible as a latent image when viewed at an angle.


Get these currencies at a great bargain

If you are searching for a foreign currency exchange service you are in the right place. Get your foreign currency at a great bargain, since our business model is devised in a manner to benefit our long-term customers, as a category two RBI authorised money changer near you, we are indebted to retain FEMA compliancy with our services in the market for the benefit of our customers.

Get your currency at ease of safety

It is elementary to protect your sensitive data, and as a forerunner in the industry we have employed SSL encryption to ensure safety for the sensitive data. We value our customers privacy and are keen on serving you for a long time to come in a safe and secure manner whilst providing ease of access and availability of a varied foreign currency that spans twenty countries.

Service for you to achieve right now

Mauritian Rupee

Send money to your loved ones in foreign nations using our outward remittance service with the help of our most experienced staff. We will aid you in the successful completion of your transaction in a swift, secure and safe manner. As a FEMA compliant organisation we are indebted to keep our transactions transparent and completely in the books to retain our esteemed position as an RBI authorized organization.

The best way to use your destination currencies

You could be in the market to just look or obtain foreign currency with a set purpose in mind. Then, it's prudent to learn about the essentials of FOREX cards. A travel card, that's devised by Orient Exchange with a specific purpose to be utilised by the likes of you in foreign nations. Use it at your will at POS stations, restaurants and you could even take money at ATM machines for emergency purposes as you better know that it’s better to carry currency in the form of a card, especially when you are in a nation you are not familiar with.

Currency services

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