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We do not deal in personal loan/business loan, neither we have any subsidiary company dealing in such products. ***Be careful of fraudsters.

Important things you need to know when you travel Thailand.

Thailand is one of the southeast Asian country. This is popular for tropical beaches, royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples showing figure of Buddha. The Bangkok city is capital of Thailand.

Normally when you travel Thailand , it may cost a lot. Just withdrawing cash from ATM’s can cost you half a day of budget. So, if you have any plan to go Thailand, need to have a little inside information and tips.

Beautiful places to visit:

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From the paradise beaches of the south to the frenetic town of the north, Thailand attracts plenty of visitors. Some of places are mentioned below.

1) Bask on beautiful beaches:

Thailand is named as world paradise beaches and it won’t disappointed. If you looking for taste of luxury – head south to Koh Samui. For undiscovered delights, island of Ko Khut and Ko chang etc…If you don’t get time to visit those places, just two hours outside of Bangkok you ‘ll be greeted with the beauty of Koh Samet.

2) Thailand culture:
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This is a country overflowing with cultural heritage, Ancient Wat temples and Khmer ruins dot the country, Grand palace shimmers with prestige in the Bangkok, Hill tribes etc….

3) Delicious food
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Very stylist restaurants available for delicious street food. Thailand known as mouth-watering cuisine. The country signature dishes are the spicy green curry and sweet pad. Cooking classes are very popular in Thailand.

Important tips for first time traveller to Thailand:
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1. Travel during March month to September to save your money

If you have plan to visit Thailand, March to September is the right time. You will save large amount of savings and can stay long time during this period.

2. If you travel less than 15 days avail Visa on your arrival

Its good news for all Indian travellers who visit Thailand for less than 15 days. Visa I on arrival for Indian visitors. Tourism majorly runs Thailand economy, so visa processing is very easy there.

3. Carry currency and travel card while travelling

Thailand currency is ‘Thai Bhat’. Currency code is THB. While travelling carry cash and forex card to Thailand. Carrying currency is too good but also take card for safer side. Using the cared for ATM withdrawal may attract extra charges, which you have to pay. INR TO THB conversion please visit

4. Carry Visa Fee on Arrival in THB currency

For Indians as told earlier Visa may be taken on Arrival and fee to be paid there. You need to pay fees in THB currency. It is better to carry THB from India to avoid exchanging currency at Airport where the rates may not be good and fees are high.

5. Get to access Indian foods restaurants in specific areas

Get to access Indian foods restaurants in specific areas

6. Try part of ‘Full Moon Party’

One of the best nightlife experiences in Thailand are “Full moon parties” at Koh Phagan.

7. Avoid touching their head’s in Thailand

Touching anybody heads is a big offence in Thailand. Please keep in mind while travelling in Thailand.

8. Respect elders in Thai locals immensely

In Thailand, social status and respect for the elders is prioritised. Respect elders in Thailand.

9. Keep shoulders and knees covered at places of worship

This is very important and crucial tips for travellers. Try covered always your knees and shoulders when you visit temples.