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Covid 19-Vande Bharat Mission For Indian Migrants

Covid 19 Vande Bharat Mission

So many Indians are stranded overseas and towards the end of lock down 3.0, the Government of India has started special flights from several countries to bring these Indians back home under this Vande Bharat Scheme.

7th May, first flight carried passengers from UAE to Kochi and this first phase continued upto 13th May. Second phase of bringing the stranded people from 31 countries in 149 flights will begin from 16th May. When these passengers arrive at Indian Airports.

Indian Migrants

They will be subjected to 14 days quarantine under 3 categories. If the passenger is having the symptoms of COVID 19, they will be quarantined for 14 days at the Government designated centres. If the passenger is above 60 years or with co morbidity will be at Government centre for 7 days and 7 days should be under home quarantine, people without any symptoms will be asked to be quarantined at their Home for 14 days.

Foreign Currency

The flight ticket cost as well as the quarantine costs should be borne by the passengers only. These passengers coming from overseas, will not be carrying the money in Indian Rupee form. All that they have will be in Foreign Currency. They will be able to pay the quarantine centres in Foreign currencies only. These Quarantine centres need to have an arrangement with any Reserve Bank of India Authorised Money Changer to convert these currencies in to Indian Rupees.

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Exchannge Currency

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