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We do not deal in personal loan/business loan, neither we have any subsidiary company dealing in such products. ***Be careful of fraudsters.

Top 5 Universities in USA for Indian Students

American universities are some of the best in the world as they offer many benefits. As a student, it can be beneficial for your career if you choose to study in the US. Millions of students from around the world aim to get admission into a top university in the US for an undergraduate or postgraduate program. Most universities in the US are famous for their educational system, research facilities, and their exemplary campuses. They also act as an incubator for students to develop global citizenship by communicating with people from various ethnicities. Here is a list of top five universities in the US you can consider.

California Lutheran University
1. The State University of New York Polytechnic Institute

It is at the 15th spot in the list of Regional Universities North. Besides regular programs, the university offers several courses from emerging disciplines like Nanoengineering, Nanoscience, Nanoeconomics, and Nano bioscience programs. Their Bachelor of Science degree program is very famous, and with a master’s degree further, a student can land a top IT and Computing job. They also offer financial aid to foreign students in the form of education loans, scholarships, and part-time jobs.

Western New England University
2. California Lutheran University

It is at the 14th spot in the list of Regional Universities West. The university is famous for its MS in IT program that provides students a progressive technical foundation to design and manage IT systems. Students can make regular research contributions during their education. They provide financial aid and work opportunities for students.

De Paul University
3. Western New England University

This university ranks at the 64th spot in the list of Regional Universities North. There are several major and minor courses in the field of Information Technology. The university has an expert faculty that gives the students real-world experience and guides them on the best practices followed in the IT world. Students who have an exceptional academic record can avail of a merit scholarship between $6,000 and $18,000.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University
4. De Paul University

It is at the 120th spot in the list of National Universities by US News. The university offers a BS in IT program focusing on the technical aspects of IT, which provides the students with a foundation in business and technical communications. Located in the heart of business and technology district, the university gives its students the chance to work at some of the best IT companies. They offer over 20 graduate degree programs that range from job-linked game programming to predictive analytics.

Colorado State University
5. Colorado State University

It is at the 124th spot in the list of National Universities. Their Information Science and Technology Center is very popular and offers several major courses in computer science. The university has an active community, which is very welcoming of foreign students. They offer financial aid to students in the form or educational loans, scholarships, and grants.

Final thoughts

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