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Ireland is a place where most people like to visit all around the world because of the Natural beauty of Emerald Isle. People will easily fall in love with Ireland because of images that splash on the silver screen in movies like Harry Potter and The Princess Bride. It is known for its amazing cliffs, abundant sheep and of course, the dark beer. For Veggies don’t worry beer is also available in vegan. Ireland is a small country but has unique traditions, perfect scenery and impossible green landscapes and timeless natural features of the Irish people. If you spend little time with Irish people you will become friends for lifelong, they are friendly in nature.

The country is also a Hub for Academic studies. Which attracts international students to study. It is the home of the finest universities in the world. The universities are specialized in the fields of Natural science, Technology, economics and the Humanities. You will find lot of Universities and Institutes of technology across Ireland where you can find for your favourite specialisation. Master’s and Bachelor's programs are a little bit expensive compare to other places in Europe. But this can be compensated by choosing the correct Money changer who is very much reasonable on foreign exchange, to send money abroad from India. The normal fee structure in Ireland is approximately €9,000 and €45,000 per year for both graduate and undergraduate courses. The cost of living in Ireland depends upon the city where you are staying but approximately between €7,000 to €12,000 yearly on Rent, food, and other things.

So let’s get down to know Top 5 Universities in Ireland for academic inspiration

University of British Columbia

Trinity College Dublin:

Trinity College Dublin is located in Dublin city which is right in the heart of Europe, for students it is convenient to access to all the necessary things. Trinity College has a tradition of offering scholarships to students for more than 4 centuries. Most popular Course programs in Ireland can all be found at this single institution. The course duration will vary by the program, but most can be completed in 1 year. Trinity college is regularly ranked number 1 in Ireland and is presently 108th globally.

University of Toronto University

University College Dublin:

University College Dublin founded in 1854 but has succeeded and made a unique contribution to the creation of Modern Ireland based on the successful arrangement with Irish people on every social activity. UCD is leading research-intensive universities with an environment where international students can complete their Master’s or Ph.D. training. It is ranked number 2 in Ireland and globally acquired the place of 201th.

McMaster Universitye

NUI Galway:

The National University of Ireland located in Galway which has a unique landscape and culture of Ireland. Since 1845 it is providing the best quality of teaching and research to Irish People and always as to International students. It acquires 3rd place in the ranking in Ireland and globally ranked at 251st place.

McGill University

University College Cork:

It is located in Cork and founded in the year 1845 and one among the Queen's colleges located in Galway, Cork, and Belfast. It has a specialization in Research and innovation. It is ranked number 4th place in Ireland and globally acquired the place of 301st rank.

University of Alberta

Dublin City University:

It is located just north side of Dublin city. It is a university of Young, Lively, and motivated to transform the lives and societies through education, research, and innovation. Since 1980 it has grown with a number of students and the size of the multi-campus environment. DCU ranked 5th place in Ireland and 601st place globally.

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