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Study in Sweden-Tips for Indian Students

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Before dreaming to study in Sweden you want to know about Sweden? Sweden has a great mixture of its nature and climate and one of the largest countries in Europe.

  • Environment and Climate: Climate in Sweden are extreme. It has long summer days and long winter nights. Sunsets in every season are truly fascinating. Sweden’s hold nature in high honour, which is one reason why environmental issues are so important here. They will recycle or reuse solid waste to produce heat, electricity, or vehicle fuel in the form of biogas and export to the rest of the world in technology areas such as biofuels, bioenergy, wind power, solar power, and wastewater treatment.
  • Language in Sweden: In Sweden the official language is Swedish. They will speak English but in a high level. Universities have English as their corporate language and a large number of university degree programmers and courses are thought in English. It has five official national minority languages such as Finnish, Torne Valley Finish, Sami languages, Yiddish, Romani.
  • Lifestyle in Sweden: Swedes are that they will study more and work hard but they give more time on rest and relaxation. Fika is a coffee break with a family or with your friend which consists of coffee/tea with cookies or buns and it includes cold drinks, fruit, and sandwiches. Lagom is a word used in Sweden it means good enough, just right and equality and fairness to all.
  • Innovation in Sweden: Sweden is an innovative nation in the world and it is a digitally connected economy. They are early adaptors for new technology and the government spends more money on research and development. The Inventions made by them are three-point seatbelt, Skype, and safety matches.
  • Uppsala and Lund are the cities where you will find more Universities.

The Top 3 Universities where Indian students can apply for study are

University of Melbourne

It is the largest and oldest technical university located in Stockholm. Stockholm is the capital of Scandinavia and the home of the Noble prize. KTH has world-class facilities such as Innovation and interdisciplinary research and strong industry infrastructure and offers programs in Master's, Bachelors, and Ph.D. programs on engineering, architecture and urban planning. KTH has alumni network all corners of the world which is active and links between students of KTH and industries so that Indian students can build a good relationship for their career growth.

Stockholm University:

Australian National University

It is one of the largest universities and European leading Centre for Research in science, Social science and Law located in one of the world’s most dynamic cities. They contribute individual students with top-quality education and the best research. They offer programs on science, Humanities, and Social sciences and law.

University of Queensland

Lund University:

Lund University founded in 1666 and is one of northern Europe's oldest and finest universities. It is located in the charming city of Lund. It is divided into eight faculties such as Faculty for Engineering, school of economics, faculty of medicine, faculty of law, faculty for social sciences, faculty of performing arts, faculty of science and faculties of humanities and theology which is multidisciplinary centres' for students.

University of New South Wales

After getting an official offer letter from Sweden university now you will be excited and confused as there will be a very few months left for travel to Sweden and you need to prepare a checklist as follows

  • You need to pay First Instalment Tuition fees to University: Before applying for a Resident permit or Visa you need to pay the universities' first instalment tuition fees which will be mentioned in the University offer letter. Send university fee to Sweden using send money abroad facility of Orient Exchange.
  • Apply for a Visa or Resident permit: Prepare for supporting documentation such as valid passport, Course offer letter from University, Proof of Income to accommodate in Sweden, Insurance policy and the visa application through online website.
  • Accommodation arrangement: Depending upon the University choose the house where you will be accommodating yourself. Check with the University housing facility. Most of the students live in a student residence hall or student’s flats.
  • Health Insurance: Before traveling to Sweden make a Health insurance.
  • Connect with other students or friends: Get connected with other students on your programs is an easy way to make friends before attending the campus. This can be done through University Face book
  • Packing the Luggage wisely: It is a good idea to pack the luggage wisely instead of packing advance or at the last moment. Do not pack more. You can pack some essentials which are required. Buy SEK currency for initial requirements and keep forex card for emergency requirement of funds.
  • Settle in Time: You must be sure that you need to arrive in time to get settled before programme starts. Once settled and open an account with local bank so that your parents can transfer money to Sweden in your account.

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