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Best Scholarships Available for Indian Students to Study Abroad


It is a dream of many Indian student to study abroad and some students are really working hard to fulfil the dream but some could not achieve the same due to financial crises. But now there is Good News to students if they try hard to get a good score, then there are lots of Scholarships to study abroad which include general scholarships, specialized funding schemes and some offers from government agencies, from private universities, and from charitable trusts.

For Indian students studying abroad, scholarships play a very important role. In this world the cost of education is growing day by day. Scholarships are a huge relief for students as well as their families. This will help the student to concentrate more on studying instead of worrying about finance. Indian students are eligible to apply for a number of scholarships given out by government agencies, universities, and even private organizations. However, in the lack of proper information, most of the Indian students miss out on applying for these scholarships and their benefits.

There are 5 types of Scholarships for study abroad

Excellence Based Scholarships

Excellence Based Scholarships: These scholarships are given to the Indian students who show their Merit in the field of educational, sports or other activities. These scholarships take consideration of excellent achievement in the above fields. Most of the Universities offer such scholarships to the deserving students.

Financial Back ground-based Scholarships

Financial Back ground-based Scholarships: These scholarships are considered on the basis of the student’s financial background. For the eligibility of these scholarships, students should belong to a weak financial background and he should need financial assistance for following their desired course. Only student’s financial background is not a primary concern for this scholarship, it includes students’ academic achievements which demonstrates the passion of the student about the study.

Specific country scholarships

Specific country scholarships: Many Governments, public establishments, or universities award scholarships, supports, and funds to students belonging to a particular country. Such as Fulbright-Nehru fellowships, Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship, etc. for Indian students studying in the U.S.A.

University-specific scholarships

University-specific scholarships: These scholarships specific to distinct colleges are awarded only to Indian students pursuing any program in that specific college. These scholarships are highly reasonable and students are awarded this based on their academic performance, over-all profile, personal achievements in any field, etc.

Student-specific scholarships

Student-specific scholarships: These are scholarships that are given to students with distinct features – belonging to a certain gender, race, religion, medical history, etc. This varies from university to university and is targeted towards minority group students, who face some sort of difficulty at some level, in a bid to give them equal opportunities.


Here the Tips to improve your chances of gaining a scholarship.

  • When applying for scholarships, you should make sure to include all the documentation requested
  • Dedicate plenty of time to writing your application. In particular, it’s important to clearly communicate your motivations for studying and how gaining a scholarship will support your ambitions.
  • Stay within the deadlines
  • Show the scholarship providers that you have the potential to do great things

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