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Europe the sixth largest continent in the world is famous for its travel destinations, culture, food. Many love to travel even for the second time because of the wonderful experience they had there. The most visited countries in the world lies in Europe. VISA is one of the mandatory documents to enter the destination country. Some countries provide e-visa and some provide on arrival visa. But do you know one can travel 26 countries in Europe using single visa; yes, it is Schengen visa. You can visit 26 Schengen zones except Ireland. Here the internal border rules are abolished and people can move freely without any restrictions.

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Schengen visa covers below countries

Austria France Italy Malta Slovakia Czech Republic
Belgium Germany Latvia Netherlands Slovenia
Denmark Greece Liechtenstein Norway Spain
Estonia Hungary Lithuania Poland Sweden
Finland Iceland Luxembourg Portugal Switzerland

The rupee falling sharply against major currencies will help foreigners to gain more when they visit India. So, it may impact India in a positive way. On the other hand, Rupee depreciation against US dollar adversely affect the travelers’ outflow to foreign countries. Especially Europe, America and south Asian countries. The expenses of food, hotel reservation, and airfares raised by 15% to 20% and people think twice before planning a foreign trip.

Inversely in case of Rupee appreciation, with cheap air fare rates and less expensive tour packages, Indian tourist tends to visit more places in abroad. It may so happen that a stay in Goa or Kerala may cost more than a same duration stay in Thailand or Denmark; thereby inducing people to chose international destinations over domestic one.

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Schengen visa can be applied for below purposes:

  • Medical
  • Business
  • Visiting close friends or relatives
  • Leisure
  • Cultural and sports events
  • Short term study

Types of Schengen visa:

Single entry visa: It allows the visa holder to enter the Schengen zone only once even if they have not completed their stay as per the duration permitted to them.

Double entry visa: Here the visa holder can visit for the second time without exceeding the duration of stay. Visa cannot be used for the third term even if the duration of stay is incomplete.

Multiple entry visa: Here the visa holder can visit as many times as they want without exceeding 90/180 rule. If the travel is frequent visa can be extended up to 5 years but stay in Schengen area remains to 90 days only.

If one is travelling other than leisure and business and if the duration exceeds more than 90 days even in any one of the Schengen territory, then one must apply only for EU visa and not Schengen visa.


Travel Insurance

If you are travelling to Schengen countries travel insurance is mandatory with 30000 EUR minimum for medical emergencies.

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