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Best way to sell Foreign currency legally in India | Forex

Sell foreign currency

What are the safest ways to sell foreign currency legally in India?


When planning an international vacation, whether it is for business or pleasure, people gradually save their hard-earned money. Each and every person enjoys traveling abroad. Perfectly taking in the moment Money from other countries is crucial. The Foreign currency must be either in notes, FCDD, or Forex card. After returning, it is acceptable to keep any extra money, but there are some restrictions on how you can handle it. Selling it or making it local is therefore the best choice. You also must be cautious of selling any leftover currency in order for the funds to not be frozen. The same best rates that you received when purchasing the currency are available for exchanging it into Indian Rupees (INR) in both online and physical locations of your choosing. To receive the greatest exchange rates on the market, though, you should make sure that you choose an RBI-certified dealer before moving through with your transaction. To get a deeper understanding, conduct some research.

How you can sell foreign currency legally in India?

There is a variety of places to buy as well as to sell foreign notes. Let’s know about some of them to get a clear idea.

At Banks:

The first thought most consumers have when buying or selling forex is a bank. However, since banks establish such high margins, selling currency there is useless. Foreign money notes are typically not kept on hand. They don't run continuously for your comfort.

At Airports:

It is not a good idea to convert money at airports. The currency exchange sellers are aware of the traveler’s pressing schedules. You will end yourself in an extremely expensive contract as a result of this. By paying an additional 10-15% in fees, they fix the market rate.

RBI-approved money changers:

The best approach to obtaining the greatest deal is to choose your money changers. Customers receive better exchange rates through them than from banks and airports. They are available across India, in every nook and corner. However, keep in mind that not all money changers are approved dealers by the RBI. Make sure the foreign exchange you are working with is reputable.

Documents required to exchange Foreign currency to INR and vice-versa.

Here are the documents that you can proceed with selling the foreign currency.

  • An Indian passport
  • A copy of the driver's license
  • Voter identification
  • The Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card

One of the aforementioned documents ought to be sufficient; however, you can verify this with the dealer of your choice.

How a foreign exchange transaction can be considered illegal?

The following are considered illegal as per RBI guidelines:

  • Sending money for any activity expressly forbidden by Foreign Exchange Management Rules such as buying lottery tickets or sweepstakes, proscribed periodicals, etc., or for any good limited by Schedule II.
  • Transfer of funds from India to foreign exchanges for margin requirements.
  • Remittances to purchase FCCBs issued by Indian corporations on the secondary market abroad.
  • Remittances for Foreign exchange trading abroad.
  • Direct or indirect capital account transfers to nations occasionally designated by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as "non-cooperative countries and territories."
  • Remittances made directly or indirectly to people or organizations the Reserve Bank has warned the banks to pose a distinct danger of committing acts of terrorism.

Best place to sell foreign currency in India.

Banks typically don't compete as well with money exchangers. As their main focus is on currency exchange, they, therefore, provide the currency at enticing rates. Always go to an RBI-authorized money changer who you can rely on to make your exchange simple. Furthermore, you do not need to have a customer account with them. There will be a physical store in almost every town. Dealing with trendsetters in the currency exchange industry is preferable. For Foreign currency to sell at its highest rate, some expert assistance is crucial. Yes, you are on the correct track. Seize the opportunity to work with us; we are Orient Exchange, experts in the money exchange industry with 95 years of combined experience in the United Arab Emirates. We hold a category II license from the RBI, making us one of the very few. To maintain the consumers, we make sure to offer the best exchange rates and outgoing remittance.

Keeping the slogan "Service is our focus" is something we would desire clients to understand before anything else. With no transfer fees anywhere in the world, we guarantee seamless and secure transactions. Foreign currency exchange, travel cards, travel insurance, and outbound remittance are the services we provided at your door. Some of them provide backup Foreign exchange cards in case yours are stolen while you're traveling. The wonderful thing about Orient Exchange is that you can find us on a variety of internet platforms. With the help of our web platform, which provides daily currency rates for your better market understanding, you can keep track of exchange rates in real-time. When the currency reaches your preferred exchange rate, you can also choose to lock it.

Why choose RBI-authorized dealers to sell forex or buy forex?

The authority to Buy/Sell forex belongs to certain financial entities. You'll get a better price if you use approved money dealers. They recommend the best exchange rates because their business is solely focused on the currency. Make sure you are interacting with RBI-approved individuals before moving forward. They aid you in understanding the ups and downs of currency exchange. When the exchange rate meets your requirements, some providers will let you know. They are the only ones who offer both online and physical money transfers, allowing for safe and convenient transactions.

Access to a wide variety of currency tools is one of the advantages of using an authorized dealer. For the simplest payment mode of transaction, they also provide several mobile apps. The most knowledgeable staff members give you peace of mind and comfort regarding your exchange without charging you a transfer fee. You are stress-free the entire time because of them. Being able to foresee the global exchange is difficult for the average individual, but knowledgeable money changers will hold your hand the entire journey, guiding you to your comfort. They provide the best currency rates, but they also give you the most value for your money, convenience, and peace of mind.

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