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Reload the Forex Card at Zero Margin through Orient Exchange

Reload forex card

How to unload/reload travel forex card? Process and documents


One cannot lead a meaningful life without thrill and excitement. Some people desired to get this to travel to a different location in the world. Managing foreign money will be your top concern whether you are moving for a vacation, a job, or school. People may prefer using cash or credit cards depending on the situation. The best method to make your vacation comfortable among the range of possibilities is to purchase a Forex card. You may shop and explore with the help of a prepaid travel card that can handle all of your foreign exchange needs while easily fitting into your pocket. It is a chip-based currency card that you may use just like a credit or debit card anyplace, including ATMs. It can be loaded with a variety of currencies, and when traveling, you can effortlessly unload and reload the desired currency. This zero-markup forex card is perfect for travelers, students, businesses, and working professionals.

How to reload a forex card and documents

A typical Forex card has a five-year expiration date. Various currencies may be loaded into the card depending on its intended use. It is not very difficult to reload a card even when you are traveling after the loaded currency has been utilized. To get started, simply click on the link to the website of your go-to money changer. Additionally, retain a copy of the reload form that can be downloaded.

The actions to take if you want to top off your foreign exchange card after running out of currency are listed below.

  • Access the prepaid card seller's website and select "Reload forex card" from the drop-down menu.
  • Type in your city, desired load amount, desired currency, and forex card number.
  • Add the item to your shopping cart and continue to the payment page. Your PAN card is now necessary.
  • Choose the type of card you want to use, confirm the number of units you want to load, quickly determine your eligibility, and then confirm your order. Your card will be promptly reloaded with the foreign currency of your choice when you pay your bills.
  • Mail the duly filled Re-load and TCS form, which you might have carried or may download from the website for easy and quick processing.

Documents needed:

  • a visa photocopies
  • passport copies with self-attestation
  • a replica of the airline ticket
  • copy of the PAN card that has been personally attested
  • Duly filled Re-load and TCS form

Maximum and minimum limit of the amount to be reloaded at a time

Depending on the travel of a person which may be either too long or short the funds are required. Though carrying cash is not the better option for travelers. FCDD, traveler’s cheques are out of use as it needs to find dealers/banks to change the same. Carrying debit/credit cards are better but they are too expensive. Withdrawal charges and service charges apply to the cards. An economically feasible way to take currency is to have a prepaid Travel card. In this card, Multiple currencies can be loaded depending on usage. This card allows you to spend the money that you loaded onto it and makes it easy to complete online or in-person purchases.

For the reasons covered by the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) announced by the RBI, the maximum amount that can be loaded is equivalent to USD 250,000 per year per individual. The most significant amount of money may be freely transferred by all residents. Similar to the maximum amount that may be loaded, the minimum amount that can be loaded on a forex card will vary depending on the card's issuer and kind.

How to unload a forex card

On completing your vacation and returning to your motherland the first thing you wish to do is encash your Forex card. It should be done through the person who provided you with the card. Either you start the process online or offline or even you encash the money at the bank also. The money in the Travel card is transferred to the bank account of the cardholder Check. Leftover balance in Forex cards can be encashed only after 11 days of your arrival in India

Follow the steps to encash the money in online mode:

  • Mail or contact your card issuer giving details including the card number, the remaining balance, the currency, etc.
  • Upload the cardholder's passport, PAN number, and the duly filled and signed release form (attached).
  • Provide the account information for the cardholder to which the cash advance must be transferred.
  • Check the order. In 3-5 working days, the cardholder's account will receive the payment.

Which is the best place to a buy forex card

As long as you have plastic money in the form of a foreign currency card, sending money overseas is just as simple. By considering their clients' financial needs and convenience, money changers like Orient Exchange have created their own Visa-powered Interbank rate forex card. A single currency card offered by money exchangers can have up to 14 currencies put on it, and the exchange rates are fixed there. Additionally, there are no margin fees or charges applied to the cards provided by your trusted vendors. The card has a pin security feature to assure safety and deter theft. Every swipe will trigger an SMS alert to stop fraud, and you can disable it temporarily if you see any such actions. In addition to this, the preferred money changers you select will also offer free insurance coverage and an emergency cash assistance service.


Traveling plays a major part in foreign exchange, which is why travel cards are so important. After doing some research on currency exchange rates and foreign exchange, buy the card from your reliable merchants. Check your card's balance to see if it has the destination currency before purchasing it. Another wise strategy to reduce stress is to carry cash in the destination currency. Due to the lack of transaction and service fees, use the forex card to its fullest potential. The reloading option can be used to get out of a sticky situation in an emergency or while cashing out. Don't hesitate to visit a money changer's location or online to get started if you're looking for the ideal travel card.

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