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Precautions to be taken while travelling to Europe

Precautions taken while travelling Europe

Before we head abroad, educating ourselves about potential safety concerns in our specific destinations and taking precautions to handle those is very important. It is generally a very safe place to visit. Factors like political stability, low violent crime rate & comprehensive health care makes the Europe a pleasant and safe destination for most of travellers.

  • Carry the right gear
  • Prepare yourself for theft
  • Be strategic
Money Theft Abroad

Carry the right gear:

Bring a money belt or neck wallet (protect your credit cards, cash and identification. A money belt that trucks your waistband that makes credit cards, ids out of sight from the thieves. When we are in crowded areas maintain a sense of awareness of your surroundings and stay alert all the time and more particularly when there is a commotion nearby (technique used by trouble makers to distract people and create opportunities to swipe the belongings)

Prepare yourself from theft:

Though the protective measures we taken will keep us hopeful safe, it will save you lot of headache if you do have the options to bounce back from robbery.

Make copies of all the important documents while you are travelling (like-passport copy, id, insurances, vouchers, address proof, ticket confirmation proof) keep them separate from the originals while going abroad. So, you will have backups and proof if needed. In general think of leaving the valuable things back in home, but if you bring anything expensive (like jewellery or electronic gadgets )with you, take a clear pictures of it all before the trips so you will have the proof there and you can make an insurance claim later.

A travel Insurance covering medical emergencies, passport loss, loss of baggage etc. is must when travelling in Europe.

Be strategic:

When you are in crowded areas, maintain a sense of alertness all the time. Whenever you are seated, hold your bag steadily or loop the straps of your bag around your arms or legs, making it harder for the people to snatch it and run off with your belongings. Using a carabiner clips on to secure the straps of your bags to something stationary is also great safety hacks in Europe.

Strategy on Theft

Minimize the possibility of loss:

  • Scan your surroundings:
  • Know about and study your surroundings for the things that makes you uncomfortable. Don’t walk blindly into a noisy crowd

  • Blend in:
  • Wear the similar clothing to what the local’s wears. Don’t wear the clothing’s with your country’s flags, hometown brands, or political statements. Wear minimum jewellery. Learn a few words of the local language, especially the polite words and learn some social customs.

  • Don’t keep money and valuables in one place:
  • Spread them out so that if one stash found you don’t lose everything. If you are going out, hand over the valuables to the clerk in a sealed or locked bag to be put in your hotels safe and watch it being done. If you have a in room safe use it.

  • Pay attention at the ATM’s:
  • Europeans are generally helpful, but unsolicited help is not expected from them – so be aware if something of that sort happens when using ATM. Do not allow other people to see entering ATM PIN. Block the card immediately, if the ATM machine eats up your card.

  • ID please:
  • Ask to see identification if you are approached by a stranger in an unrecognized uniform. Beware especially if he asks to count your cash. Police don't usually do that.

    Everyone should carry their valuables close to them. Carry valuables (money, passport, credit cards) in a sturdy, below-the-belt security wallet. Men should never carry a wallet in a back pocket. If you must wear a pouch above the belt, make sure it's hidden.

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