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Overseas Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Lot of questions pop-up when we think of travel plan. From the place to be visited till What if I am lost there, what if my luggage is lost, what if I am sick or injured there. There are endless thoughts that are unanswered until we experience the same.

Every start of a journey will be in a ray of hope of new experience, whether we travel abroad on business purpose, leisure or even Education. When large sum of amount is spent on the overall plan, we need to spell out extra bucks on the Insurance coverage.

Yes.... It's the Insurance that adds extra pinch of Magic to the memorable journey that we have planned.

Every one of us should have questionnaire set in our minds before we start our journey. Each question should be answered before the start. Let us try to understand the need of travel insurance while travelling Abroad in this article.

Every destination of your travel is must have been selected after much thought. All precautions and necessary care should be taken all time yet, when we are away from home, even a little scratch or a headache may be quite problematic. Moreover, as a tourist we may not be always in a position to choose foods or places to visit and thus always exposed to catching a cold, getting heat exhausted or poisoned from food, or careless on how things are around them.

The common problems that we face during our travel may be as follows:

  • Losing one’s passport and baggage
  • encountering a medical emergency or
  • getting trapped in a natural calamity are only a few instances that can leave a traveller emotionally and financially distressed.

So, proper planning for the above instances in required. Though buying an insurance is not answered for all the difficulties faced, but still we are assured of the best possible solution for the immediate problem occurred. Inclusion of travel insurance therefore, shouldn’t be missed out while preparing a travel checklist for it will provide a cover against a number of odds that might occur in a faraway land.

Some of the odd reasons to have a good travel insurance while travelling abroad can be as follows:

  • Lost Baggage or the Foreign Currency stolen: Baggage getting missed during your journey is a common human error, but the currency is lost in the unknow land will land you up in a nightmare. Having a travel insurance can become a handy respite in such situation as these expenses can be claimed back once back home.
  • Meeting with an accident or coming down with a sickness: Though lot of precautions are taken before any departures, health issues are not in our hands. Meeting with an accident or coming down with an illness while touring in a foreign country can be very frustrating. While a travel plan cannot give back the time lost on such recovery, it can at least reimburse one the customary medical expenses as applicable under a chosen plan. We need to have a proper idea before taking such plans.
  • Occurrence of a natural calamity: One of the most leading causes of damage to oneself and the property during a trip abroad are natural disasters like tsunami, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. While this can totally ruin one’s travel plans, a trip secured with travel insurance will ensure that the expenses and losses incurred thereof will be reimbursed thereby providing a much-required financial relief.
  • As the saying goes, prevention is better than the cure, we need to be extra thoughtful while planning abroad. And travel insurance is one of the first checklist to be Ticked before any other things. We need to be ourselves fully equipped before being landed in an unknow land.

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