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How to Get an International Driving License in India


Driving has always been a passion for many people. However, driving on local roads differs completely from international roads. Having a global license is mandatory for those who travel for business or holiday trips. Without a valid international driving license, you won’t get the permission to drive on foreign soil.

For those who are trying to get one, all you have to do is apply for the international driver’s permit. Once done, the license acts as an official document that you can use anywhere across the world. The permit comprises different language scripts, stating the general driving guidelines allowed by the UN, which is applicable across the globe.

An international driving permit comes in English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, and many other languages. This acts as a proof stating that you are eligible to drive a vehicle overseas. If god forbid you met with an accident, this shall act as proof to your credentials. The international driving license is usually valid for one year.

international driving

Applying for International Driver's Permit

The Ministry of Roads and Highways have made it quite easy to avail of IDP. You have to visit the nearest RTO with all the required documents that the officials would need. There is a certain amount as fees for the application. Within three to four days, the license gets dispatched.

Form for IDP

When applying for an international driving license, you will have to submit a form. You can avail of the form from the RTO office referring to “Form for the Issue of International Driving Permit,” popularly called “Form 4.” You have to fill your personal details like the address, name driving license number, and the country you’re traveling to. Your address and citizenship get mentioned in the driving license, making it an essential address proof that is applicable throughout the world.

Fees for International driving license

The cost of applying an international license was initially about Rs. 500. But, as of now, after the revised rules, an international driving license cost around Rs. 1000.

Documents Required for International Driving License

Most of the countries have the same requirements that you need to submit for the IDL, but the fees may differ depending on the country. We mention the criteria for IDL below.

  • The person must have a valid driving license.
  • With a collection of three passport size photos, the person must also submit the official form issued.

As for Indians, they must submit some extra documents, which are as follows.

  • Form 4 with a copy of a driver’s license.
  • Copy of the passport and visa of the country and air tickets.
  • The medical certificate with the fees of the application.
  • Five passport size photos and proof of Indian citizenship.
  • You must submit a copy of both address and age proof.
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Advantages of having an IDL

Possession of an international driving license acts as proof that you are capable of driving on foreign soil, and it also acts as a proof of identity. As they write the IDL in a foreign language, the authorities of the country can easily identify and understand the language, which makes the work quite simple and easy.

Having an IDP is itself enough, and there is no need for you to do any other tests to prove you are capable of driving. They accept the international driving license in 150 countries around the globe. Some might not be a signatory country, but still having an IDP is enough, and they accept it as a valid proof.

You can’t rent a car in most countries if you don’t have a valid IDP. So, this is a major advantage for those who have one. Most of the insurance companies prefer the car owners to have an IDL in case of a mishap to avail of the insurance money. It is simple to avail of an IDL and comes with a lot of benefits. There is only one problem that you cannot renew the license, and it only lasts for a year.

international driving

Closing Thoughts

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