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Top 4 Best Travel Destinations in Africa


The African continent has some of the most beautiful places that you can find across the world. Though Africa is an economically backward continent, it is still home to some of nature’s best places. It is known for its grasslands, forests and exotic wildlife. If you are planning to visit Africa, there are some of the destinations that you can’t miss out on. Without further ado, let’s look at some destinations that you cannot give a miss.



Morocco is a beautiful country that is home to the world’s famous Marrakech, which is popularly called as the red city. The roads of the Marrakech are filled with street performers, vendors, and exquisite storytellers. If you are looking to take a break from your daily routines, then this is the place where you can relax and enjoy a wonderful vacation.



Johannesburg is one of the most developed cities in South Africa. Once considered as a place filled with barbarians, now it has the most intellectual performers and entertainers. Though the cost of living is a bit on the expensive side, Johannesburg is a place worth spending your vacation. It has several museums and historical parks that stand as a testimonial to its past.



Kenya is known for its exotic wildlife. It is home to most of the endangered animals. Kenya is a place where you can find nature at its best. If you are looking to enjoy a wonderful weekend, then Kenya is the place that shall make you forget all the stress. The cost of living is quite cheaper when compared to other destinations. The Nairobi National Park is known across the world to have black rhinos and some rare extinct species as well. If you are an animal enthusiast, Nairobi National Park is a place you’ve got to visit.


Praslin, Seychelles

Seychelles is full of islands. If you love golf then you better pack your bags and make a trip to Praslin because the golf courses here will make you go head over heels. The place gives a luxurious vibe, and the beaches are different from the ones that you might have seen before. The best part is that the Anzo Lazia beach known as a paradise among all the beach lovers in Praslin. It is definitely the best place to get rid of your worries and make the most of a vacation.


Closing Thoughts

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