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Planning to Study Abroad | Here are the five Tips For Students


Traveling abroad to pursue your education in one the best International Universities are great but as you think about the bright side of studying abroad it comes with pros and cons. Staying away from home to pursue your education you may feel homesick and you have to take the responsibility to manage everything alone and this will make you miss the comfort of being in the house terribly, So here are a few basic tips to help you out and make your journey hassle-free.


Carry all the required documents

It is obvious that a passport is mandatory to enter a Foreign Country and return, Carry the application form issued by the University, you need to submit your Bachelor’s or Post Graduate Degree certificates and Mark sheets, if completed, to the university. Apply and get your student visa in advance. Once you have all the required documents recheck to make sure that you are not missing out anything keep copies of all the documents and store them in your phone for easy access.


Medical Certificate

After applying to universities abroad and waiting for the acceptance the letter is very stressful for students and they forget the most important thing that is to get a medical certificate to process your Visa. Get a proper body check-up before flying abroad and ask your doctor if there is any specifically recommended vaccines are there for your destinations.


Plan your Stay in Abroad

Student studying abroad mostly choose between living on-campus, off-campus or staying in a relative house who stays abroad.

Many students choose to live on-campus as it offers several advantages like easy access to the library, labs, canteen, etc. Living with a family who stays abroad will help you to learn about the cultures in the country and makes you feel like a home. If you choose off-campus make sure that you have done enough research in advance and start looking about 5 months before your departure as it may take time to find an apartment that is close to your universities and comes within your budget.


Pack your bags

Prepare a checklist of essentials for your traveling, plan in advance start packing a week before your departure do not pack in a hurry because of you may miss-out on many things. Pack the requirements for your flight journey in the hand luggage that is,

  • All your travel documents
  • Cash
  • Identity Card
  • Mobile Laptop
  • Medications
  • So that you can easily access to them if anything went wrong, do not dump your baggage with unnecessary stuff like too much of clothing or toiletries for time being carry travel kit because later you can afford them in abroad. Be organized about how you pack so that you still have enough space to carry any specific requirement like a family photo so that you don’t feel like you are being away from home.


Order Foreign Currency

here are many vendors available in the market dealing with Foreign Currency before buying currency make sure that you do enough research, the rates may differ from vendor to vendor depending upon the availability of the currency. It is suggested that it is always better to get currency exchanged in your country rather abroad has it may cost you more than what spend here.

Carry the destination currency respective to the country you are traveling, you can Buy USD as they are globally accepted carry maximum around $100 worth of your destination currency so you don’t run out of cash. It is better to carry 50% in cash and other 50% in the card, Yes you have read it right you can load Foreign Currency in a Forex Cards and use it like a debit card they are easy to carry and can be reloaded even when you are in abroad through online from online many changers. Orient Exchange offers a better rate for Card and Currency Exchange compared to all the Money Changers, no need to worry if your card is lost you can immediately block the card. If you want to pay the university fee while you are in abroad but you don’t have enough money no need to worry your parents can pay the university fees from the comfort of the house through Orient Exchange on behalf of you with all the required documents through the Send Money Abroad services from Orient.Keep a copy of all your travel documents, make 3 copies of your Passport, Visa, Medical Certificate, Student ID and keep them in your Checked luggage and another set in your hand luggage and give the other set to your parents, So that even if you lost your ID or documents you still have

Last but not least have fun enjoy your stay abroad, gather beautiful memories and concentrate on studies.


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